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    I can really understand your dilemma. I'm 66yo T12, ~19yrs post injury and I'm slowing down. When I used to go to Kessler urology, I'd transfer up onto the table that had a pretty sharp machined edge.
    When they started insisting I take the Hoyer, I felt defeated and useless. It may not be logical, but that's how I experienced it. I hate giving up function as I age!
    I think it says somewhere in the AA literature ~"whenever there is a problem, no matter what the cause, the problem is in me, and the answer is acceptance." Probably good advice.
    69yo male T12 complete since 1995
    NW NJ


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      Donno, that's exactly it! Thank you. I couldn't put it in to words even in my head but you put it together. That is what I am going through. I feel like there was my life before, on this side of the wall and once I use the lift it will be everything on the other side. Disability is moving faster than am adjusting to it but, it's not up to me. I am facing that wall. That little piece of equipment represents so much and I am afraid of what might be coming.

      I talked to a friend (also disabled) and he said something that made me laugh, "This is not what I agreed to." Yeah brother, this isn't what we agreed to :-) We are thinking of making shirts ;-)

      Thank you Donno.

      Originally posted by Donno View Post
      Grommet, I can understand your reluctance to use the lift, as it makes us realize that we really ARE that crippled, and it ain't going to get any better. I think it is the first piece of equipment that separates our lives as pretty independent cripples to somebody who needs to be lifted into the chair or bed instead of transferring on our own. It also points to other chunks of independence that we will be losing as time moves on.

      We need a 12 step program for this shit...


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        pfcs49 thank you for that advice. It sounds pretty good to me. Just to mention, I don't have an SCI, I have a neurological disability.