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Portable Ramps?????

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  • Portable Ramps?????

    So I am powered wheelchair user and a manual chair user. I am a performer and I travel a lot.

    Unfortunately many stages are not wheelchair friendly. Not only that but many of them vary in the amount of steps..

    I am looking for a light weight portable ramp. Can anyone help suggest any?

    Should I get two depending on how high the stage is? Or just one?


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    How high a lift are you talking about 2-3 feet? If you want a portable ramp, you may need someone to push you up because it will be way steep. My suggestion is to check Craigslist for used aluminum folding portable ramps and go do some testing.
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      There's lots of companies that sell those ramps, just do a web search for portable wheelchair ramps.
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        hope this will give you some ideas
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          If your travel involves flying definitely check ramp weight and size when folded to checked luggage limits. I have a 7' aluminum folding ramp and if I flew with them they would have to be shipped as cargo. Cargo costs a lot more than extra checked luggage and rarely is even on the same plane. As far as I know they are not considered medical equipment under the air passenger act or the ADAAG. Don't most stages have ramps or elevators to the stage for heavy equipment like mega-speakers or grand pianos?
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            Unfortunately not Sue...thank you so much for your insight. Most theater stages are wheelchair friendly but not comedy clubs.


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              Thank you all!