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Feeling Down Lately.. Maybe Buying New Pet...

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  • Feeling Down Lately.. Maybe Buying New Pet...

    What do you guys do to help you stay positive through some of your harder times? I have been thinking about buying a new pet.. but I'm not sure that will even cure what is going on with me being sad lately... maybe thought about a fish aquarium.. or a reptile of some sort..

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    Do you have, or can you have, a dog? My son adopted a dachshund about 3 yrs ago. The little guy is so hilarious and entertaining. Also, a great watch dog with a huge heart. He's not much of a service dog, but he is one "super-ween"!


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      I would think that buying a pet is a good idea if that pet is a cuddler or something that requires higher interaction than a snake or fish. I wouldn't get much satisfaction out of a cold fish, but then I just remembered the fun of the aquarium we had about forty years ago. Cleaning the tank was always the hardest part for me, but setting it up and watching the interactions of the various fish was fun. My kids really liked it too.

      Hobbies are a good idea too. If you can think of something to do that you could take lessons in, or learn online and then try to do on your own could give you a lift. Painting, beading (if you have enough hand function) or something creative can also help get you out of bed in the morning. Start small and work up to the masterpiece.
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        I was considering getting a dog but it is such a commitment plus all this now we are having would make it impossible to walk.


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          If you are going to get a cat or dog, please get a rescue or pound animal. There are lots of animals that need a loving home.

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            I vote for a rescue cat, and I hate cats! If you get past the litter box crap, they are good companions. I'm a dog guy, but they are high rent/need more support.
            I also have two planted freshwater aquariums that are wonderful for my serenity. They are two little entertaining live communities of beautiful life. I spend at least an hour a day just watching these communities; sometimes I'll spend a very relaxing time with my aquatic "reacher"tools, working in my underwater gardens. However-I would never have "just" an aquarium with plastic plants and fish-no fun and not much nurture!
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              sorry about that. If I had an option to edit I would remove that! It's a picture of my big tank when I first set it up 5 years ago. Here's a more intimate and interesting scene as it is these days. (I was really looking for a photo of the humble 29 gal tank which I spend as much time, maybe more, staring into.
              OK. Well I just wasted about 10 minutes trying to photo edit and upload. I surrender! I need to go watch the plants grow for a while! Trust me, it works.
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                I have had dogs forever and love them, but they are a big responsibility. I had a Quaker Parrot that passed recently and it was the coolest pet. Great personality and relatively easy to care for. Loud at times. but always with a reason. She would continuously think up new ways to mess with the dogs and make them look like idiots. Whatever you get, do a lot of research.
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                  We have a Chihuahua and 3 cats, and the dog gets depressed when we have snow or weather too cold for him to go out and walk in. The cats just take more naps. We also got a rescue cat for my 90 year old mom, and though she was never a cat person, she absolutely loves him. I vote for a rescue cat - a kitten if you have the time to play with it.
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                    I got a dog.
                    He is learning how to do tasks, and provide balance. He's doing well with bracing so I can use him to get up and off the ground, picks up my keys, cane, and can pick up paper money, a glove if I drop one, and he pulls me up one step at a time or pauses at each step as I go down them. can pull my trike, and pull a wheelchair, which I don't really need him to do, but teaching him was fun. he wont pick up coins yet, or carry plastic grocery bags. he wants to look in them and see if there is anything yummy in it.

                    he is good company except for the dislocated kneecap. and he caused my pressures sore to open, so I had to get debridement. its healed after two years finally. my fat cat likes him. He hates the maintenance guy. gonna have to trust him on that, because he doesn't growl or raise his back hair for anyone else.

                    what a beast he is.


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                      what a nice big fish tank and really nice plants. the place is nice too.


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                        Originally posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
                        If you are going to get a cat or dog, please get a rescue or pound animal. There are lots of animals that need a loving home.


                        I have to agree with KLD. These animals are super dedicated and are worth all the trouble. Our two dogs recently had a 4:00 AM intruder up against the wall waiting for the Police to arrive.

                        Good luck and enjoy!!!
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                          wow, sounds like a story to tell. My dog is sleeping in a crate for now, but I'm looking forward to his being reliable enough to be out.


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                            Sounds like you need a mammal. A cat is very little maintenance; a dog is lots of maintenance. I have both but only my dog can pull me in my wheelchair. It is hard to have a down day when your dog puts her head in your lap and looks up with that "isn't it time for a run" look. We go out for runs of 3 to 5 miles. We go out every day or two. I believe it is very therapeutic to train and bond with a dog and get out into the open air. When you have a dog, you also have a purpose. Like I like to say about my dog, "she needs me to take her out, and I need her to take me around - win/win".

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                              Oh my gosh! You have a fish aquarium...! I was maybe thinking about doing a fish aquarium. Are they a lot of work? What kind of fish might be cool to get? maybe some pet piranhas ahhaha jk

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	piranha-fish.jpg
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                              How much work does a fish tank need?

                              Can a person walk into an animal shelter and just basically choose a new cat to take home? (sorry if stupid question)
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