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Recommendations -- Pants with no seams or back pockets

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  • Recommendations -- Pants with no seams or back pockets

    Does anyone have any recommendations of any adaptive or able-bodied clothing companies that make mens casual and/or dress pants with no seams or flat seams, and no back pockets?

    Throughout the years, I've had sitting related skin issues because of seams and pockets.

    -Josh Basile
    Josh Basile

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    I've been removing the back pockets from jeans for 20 years, and have had no problems. I have one suit that I cut out the pockets and sewied the edges of the resulting slit together. The small bulge that remains is high enough not to affect me as long as I wear suspenders.
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      I use a company in San Diego named Adaptions by Adrian. He has always done a great job for me and he can make just about anything you want. His address is:

      Good luck.
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        Comfort waist blue jeans by Lee are my favorite for everyday. No back pockets and elastic for give on the sides. The rest looks like normal jeans. They can be found onliine at JC Penny in the womens section. I used to wear mens Levis before they made 60 different styles for men, women and kids. Take a look and just match your measurements up. They also have belt loops. I just wish they had a wider boot cut leg.

        You might want to check out The Territory Ahead for casual pants too...mens. Slightly pricey but their stuff lasts. For dress pants talk to a tailor at Nordstroms. They do wonders with alterations other places won't try.
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          I have bought wheelchair jeans from three companies:

          I ordered them in the order of which I liked the product. All are good, I wear the endless ability ones the most because they have high quality fabric, fit well and the pockets are really well designed.