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Three SCI peers elected provincial MLA's in British Columbia

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  • Three SCI peers elected provincial MLA's in British Columbia

    Which stands for Members of the Legislative Assembly sitting in the BC capital in Victoria. It would be like as a state capital legislator. Two are friends who I'm very proud of, the third a Canadian Paralympian. They won with the victorious center-right Liberals who had a fourth candidate in a wheelchair. The far left opposition has never had a candidate with a disability in my recollection over 35 years living in BC.

    Three peers elected is a Canadian record. Could it be a North American record? I'm not sure where this should have been posted but it may inspire a few in the Life section. The big debate now is whether they will stand up for disability issues or shy away because they don't want to be seen as a one issue politician.
    Story on the Spinal Cord Injury BC website:

    In fact, an effective focus on disability issues covers many of the other policy areas identified as important to British Columbians. Disability policy includes health, social services, education, employment, building codes, the environment, and many other issues already important to British Columbians. However, the connection is not always obvious to people outside the disability community. It will take strong leaders to make these arguments and that’s where our new MLAs have an opportunity.