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RIP, Edith Bunker

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    RIP, Edith Bunker

    Jean Stapleton, an actress best known for creating the role of Edith Bunker in "All in the Family" TV series passed away yesterday.

    I always liked her, and saw her in two live plays after AITF was no longer on the air.

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    NL and I saw her in a one woman performance portraying Juila Child. She appeared in "Bon Appetit," in which she sang a recipe from one of Julia Child's recipe books. We saw the production in San Francisco, but apparently when she performed the show in southern California, Julia Child and her husband Paul saw the production. It was reported that Julia Child said, she only wished she could sing that well. Who knew Jean Stapleton could sing better than she did in the opening of All In The Family?!?!

    She was great.

    All the best,


      She may have died but will live for ever because of her role in "All in the Family."
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        Eatith and Arrrrrrrchie

        Her character was one big bundle of nerves. I liked the character but she wore down your nerves pretty fast. She did a great job with that role though.

        It's amazing how different her and Caroll O'Connor were in the other roles they played in their careers.


          Maybe we were saps but Bill and I would watch All In the Family together when I came home from lunch when I was still working at the bank !

          One of my fondest memories ............ she was one funny lady !!!

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            I loved her in The Scarecrow and Mrs King. She was a great actress!
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              Originally posted by Sue Pendleton View Post
              I loved her in The Scarecrow and Mrs King. She was a great actress!
              I forgot she was in that show. But yeah she was great in All in the family.
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                "Boy the way Glen Miller played
                Songs that made the hit parade.
                Guys like us we had it made,
                Those were the days.

                And you knew who you were then,
                Girls were girls and men were men,
                Mister we could use a man
                Like Herbert Hoover again.

                Didn't need no welfare state,
                Everybody pulled his weight.
                Gee our old LaSalle ran great.
                Those were the days."

                Been singing this all week, ala Edith Bunker style. She was swell wasn't she! It's sort of like loosing a friend from the past. RIP Jean.