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    Originally posted by NikkiMaya View Post
    Rainman, my life is pretty damn boring. I mean it is REALLY boring, so the Push Girl's lives look pretty interesting to me. Did you watch the first season or have you just come on with the second season? I thought they have done some active stuff thus far: adaptive skiing, a five k, wheelchair ballroom dancing's not the most routine.

    I would be interested to see them do some of the things you mentioned--not sure about skydiving, lol. If you saw the preview for coming episodes, it does look like they will be doing more active outdoor adventures. I saw something involving boating and it looked kind of extreme but it was a pretty quick preview. Again, no problem with them doing a bunch of high octane activities, it's just that I hope their regular lives do not get overshadowed by that kind of stuff. As I mentioned, there are other reality shows where every episode ups the ante and you forget what the original point of the series actually was in the rush to create a spectacle for ratings.

    Lin, yeah a lot of stuff happened after their kitchen renovation (which I am glad they were able to do). I think a lot of stuff from Push Girls ends up in editing on the cutting room floor, but it seemed pretty clear from the doctor's glib response that he never discussed any treatment options with her. I also expected more.
    Nikki, no I just heard of these girls with this thread. I've only seen two shows and the one was the one you reference to. And I agree with you on that one. The other one had Angela picking out a new nurse. I can't imagine anyone caring to see that. I say strap her to a skydiver or a seat on a rollercoaster. That would make the show exciting.

    Thanks for telling me that they do do some good activities. Ill keep on watching it to see if it gets better. Thanks!


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      Have any of them eaten solid food yet?
      Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

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        Originally posted by Sue Pendleton View Post
        Have any of them eaten solid food yet?
        . I think they might have seen some in a magazine photo while 'job searching' for some way to pay for the robot skeletons and private detectives hunting the meth head family members.

        (a real generalization based on 2 episodes viewed, lol)