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  • 11 years down....

    Well, 11 years today I was injured in a motorcycle accident. Kind of wanted to have a party last year for number 10 just to remind myself that there are people out there but it didnt work out and an 11 year one didnt seam right although i may not have even told many people the reason. Had a mostly spontaneous bday party a few years ago and the turnout reminded me of the people around me. I have had some years that it was not till a few days later that I realized the date but because recently one of the bigger annual motorcycle races keeps falling on this date it reminds me. I can't believe how long to has been considering it dose not seem like it was that long ago.
    The anniversary brings a strange feeling, mostly because as crappy as the day ended I can still look back at that day as one of the best (up until it wasn't) as I really felt on top of the world for a 19 year old and fortunately the good memories overshadow the bad. I think that fact makes today the hardest because while much has changed and I have come a long way overall it will be hard for a single day to stand out as much as that one for better or worse.
    Ok, just wanted to leave myself a little something to look back on in a few years to remind myself of where I am. Foe me that is the best way to keep a perspective on life because as humans I don't think many of us are programmed to be compleatly satisfied with our lives but by looking back on where I was 10, 5 or even one year ago I am able to see that I am still moving forward and reminds me that nobody knows were we will be in the future. As I said this is more for me than anyone else but felt it was worth sharing.

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    Well said sohum. Enjoy the summer!
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      Yep. Things change. Always felt I was getting 25 hours out of every day. Now sometimes maybe get 24. But they seem few. 25 was great and I thought there was no limit. I have the urge to get back to 24. If got there, would be extremely grateful. At times though, brain seems keep saying, "if get to 24, there is no reason to stop again." Not completely sure which number to shoot for. Even think, forget about the number and just keep shooting.


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        I have similar thoughts, sohum. Seems like yesterday sometimes but then it seems like a lifetime ago. I started celebrating my "2nd b-day" on the anniversary date and I've found it to be a reality check for me. Yea, our life can suck but overall, it sure beats the alternative.

        So I say celebrate life, such as it is. Have a party and watch all your friends marvel at how you celebrate something most people think is a tradgic event.

        I'm celebrating 30 years this June!


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          Congrats on 11yrs of survival!
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            Always good to share. Around my third anniversary, my college friends and I decided that it was no good to dwell on what could have been. So, we instead chose to get drunk, talk shit about paralysis, and generally forget about what had happened. Now, the party has happened every year since. It's a nice way to remember the past while at the same time saying, "fuck that, I'm going to control the present." I brought it with me to grad school and many of my friends now look forward to October 10.

            Good luck on your 11 year!
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