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    The most romantic moment in my life was when my (now) wife transferred onto my lap at the intersection of Windfall and Lower Loomis Roads in the northern Catskills outside of Walton, NY one dark night during the summer of 1973. We had been dating for a few months. I was living in Weinstein Dorm at NYU, she in Vladeck houses in the lower east side. We set up a weekend together at a rundown farmhouse she rented with a group of city dwellers. She arrived a day before me and no other renters showed up that weekend. I got badly lost heading upstate and trying to find the farm. In the pre cell phone, pre CB era had a hard time finding a phone booth to clarify directions. I showed up well after dark we pushed our chairs over to a little bridge over a brook near the farmhouse. She transferred onto my lap and we kissed.I can never weigh in against women sitting on laps, well worth the risk.