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  • Power out!

    Man, Last night the power went out in my house. I was stuck in the bed flat without any way of setting up. It was scary! I need to get a UPS for my bed. Made me freak out. I have been 5-6 quad for 18years but man being stuck flat like that sucks.

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    I have a Transfermaster bed. They offer a battery backup which lets you keep operating bed during pwr failures. The battery backup system should work w any pwr bed. If you know an electrician or someone who really just has electrical skills they could probably purchase the battery backup components and hook them up for you.

    In addition, I have a backup generator which kicks in 10 seconds after pwr failure. Mine operates using home's natural gas line but you can also run one off a propane tank. Ours helps because my wife must use bipap at night, you can also charge pwr chairs, if your generator is big enough power your a/c, of couse furnace in winter, etc. etc.


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      Good to know. I was also told to buy a uniterruped power supply box (UPS) 500 WATTS and plug the bed directly into it. I must do something I was freeking myself out last night.


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        Now, I'm a para with pretty good mobility but I thought you guys could see the humor in a situation I had a little while back. So, I was staying by myself in a little trailer with an addition that is not very well set up for me. I can get around and do the necessities but it is tight and a bit of a hassle. It is isolated, close to an hour from the nearest stop sign or coffee shop and half a mile to any neighbors. Electricity is from a generator but I do have enough grid power to run the necessities but overdoing will throw a breaker. Well it was snowing and I wanted to shower so I put a small electric heater in the bathroom to take the chill off and got in and proceeded to lather up. Right before rinsing off the other heater kicked on and between that and a few other things running all the power went out. I had just started staying there so I got to transfer from a shower and shower bench that I was not use to in the dark covered in soap and make my way outside to reset the breaker. Sorry, just figured it is one of those things that we can see the humor in.


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          When I had to go to a low air loss bed a few years ago, we got a backup generator that will do the whole house when the power goes off. It has saved me a number of times. Once it saved me on one of our famous 100 degree + days by keeping our AC going. The power was off for about 6 hours that day.
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