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In the hospital w/ no lube

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  • In the hospital w/ no lube

    I swear to God Ijust had this convo. "I've been asking for lube. I really need it."

    "It's all locked in the pharmacy. We'll get it for you in the morning."

    I finally offered to roll to the ER and fetch myself some when it magically appeared.

    How does this keep happening?

    Shit hits the fan is the perfect smiley for that!

    BTW in the hosp b/c i got a chemical burn from gasoline. Don't fall down in a puddle of gas, guys. Your skin will become angry, all your fluids will leak out of it and if you're lucky you'll get to the ER before you die. I had no idea fluids could leak in this fashion!
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    Hope you get out of the hospital soon. Yeah, gas isn't too good for your skin; you should have stripped. Really, it's also dangerous to be in gas soaked clothes. (I suppose you stripped ASAP).
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      Yeah I stripped asap. It was getting home that took some time. The gas pump didn't shut off, it spewed. Then I slipped and fell in it. In hindsight, I would rather have the naked driving and getting in my house ticket than the chem burns. Live and learn...
      Does This Wheelchair Make My Ass Look Fat?


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        Oh no! Couple falls myself lately. Aging like this really sucks! lol

        Hope it gets better and soon!!!!!
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          Yikes, and ouch!!!

          Take care!!!


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            Get better!
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              Wishing you a speedy recovery and some good luck.


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                oh no! hope you heal quickly!
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                  Yikes gasoline! I'd bring ya the lube if I was close by.
                  Betheny, please take care.


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                    Oh dear, the Hospital is never fun. I hope you brought a book.

                    And next time, do strip off - not only would no sensible cop write you a ticket if you pointed to the gas soaked clothes, but you would certainly improve the day of anyone passing by.
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                      Wow, hope you recover real quick Betheny, this sucks.
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                        You know if you keep this up, your going to have to ware a big chemical resistant padded rubber suit. So if you fall you will just bounce and laugh, of course you will have to paint some cool pink lines all around so you can still look girlie.
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                          I have a small airline carryon bag always packed for emergency evacuation or unexpected middle of the night emergency room visits that contains some essentials that I need that may not be readily available otherwise, and I have a small kit of supplies in my van for the same purpose. You need to cycle the contents putting in new items for older ones to always have fresh supplies. These kits have come in handy a time or two.

                          Betheny hope you are out of the hospital soon.

                          All the best,


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                            Ouch! How long did it take to get burned? Hope you are out of the hospital quickly, hate those places.
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                              So sorry this happened to you, hope you're recovered and home asap.