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Did anyone else watch Dr Oz yesterday?

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    Did anyone else watch Dr Oz yesterday?

    He talked about antibiotics and the dangers of how much we're taking. He drove home some really great points that we've talked about here. My dr hands it out like candy. Watch it if you get the chance. Pretty interesting show. I especially liked what he said about the dogma effect of how we've been trained to finish antibiotics and take them as a cure all when we are actually just harming ourselves by over indulging in them when they are not needed.
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    I don't watch Dr. Oz... did he talk about nonorganic meat and dairy as well? Factory farmed animals are pumped full of antibiotics to keep them from getting sick due to filthy living conditions, inappropriate feed and substandard care, and these antibiotics get passed on to the consumer. Nonorganic smaller farms may use antibiotics as well. If you're concerned about them and consume meat and dairy, it's important to know what these animals are eating and how they are treated.
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      Yes he did talk about that. He said live stock gets 4x the antibiotics that we do annually.
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        I hate that Dave has antibiotics so often, but is a necessary evil in his case.
        When I suction and see his sputum is thick and gunky he is usually put on an antibiotics in hopes of driving off bacterial pneumonia. Same with bronchitis.
        He can go down so quickly that being proactive has kept him out of the hospital. His respiratory is so vulnerable even if we are meticulous.
        He has come home on IV antibiotics once and gets a UTI a couple times a year even if we are careful with SP changes and cares.
        He used to get infected toenails and get antibiotics until he had them removed.
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          Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest problems (some say #1) in managing global health. But what are you going to do? Are you going to not take them when you need them? The question becomes 'when do (don't) you need them'? That is not so cut and dry is it?


            in many cases it can be cut and dry. unless a patient has a history of getting super ill. like gj has said so many times, then many can wait until appropriate tests are done. increase in noninsured ppl --> no pcp --> trips to the er --> antibiotics willy nilly handed out without proper tests being done.
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              I read this a while back.


              Antibiotics make beef cattle gain weight quickly.

              Another New England Journal of Medicine study from Oct. 18, 2001, found that 20 percent of ground meat obtained in supermarkets contained salmonella. Of that 20 percent that was contaminated with salmonella, 84 percent was resistant to at least one form of antibiotic.
              Most normal people don't eat raw meat. Cooking meat to a certain temperature kills Salmonella. So I am not sure why therapeutic antibiotics are even suggested.

              When you see a huge recall on TV due to Salmonella, I don't understand why people just don't cook their meat to proper temperature and use clean food handling techniques as opposed to dosing the meat supply with antibiotics.

              Why do meat producers shoot up our food supply. Well the simple answer is money. The more they weigh, the more profit they make.

              If you get fresh produce from a gardener that uses poop as fertilizer, then you are also going to be at risk for organisms if you don't properly clean it before you consume it.

              Antibiotics are going to be the death of us really.

              Exposure to germs is a good thing as it builds your immune system.
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                ppl dont want to wash their veggies due to convenience(apparently). it's sadand we're seeing bugs come back stronger than ever like tb.
                "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"