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    What Would You Do?

    I was with my dad earlier in December and we were going to Seal Beach from UCLA Medical center in Westwood (Los Angeles to anyone not from CA, or even the USA) and we were driving along Santa Monica Blvd - which is like 8 lanes wide plus bike lanes on both sides and turn lanes, not to mention an incredibly busy street) - when we pulled into the left turn lane at a red light and the car died. Now I couldn't have gotten out of that car by myself anyway, but even if I was capable of it there were 8 lanes of traffic surrounding us. Dad immediately put on his hazard lights and signaled the people honking their horns behind us (the light turned green when we realized the car wasn't going to start) to go around. Then, without even taking the time to tell me, he did hooked his arm inside the car, took the emergency brake off and pushed the car to the gas station on the right side of the street. Thankfully he's a professional mechanic and with a bit of time he managed to fix the car to get us safely to our destination.

    The whole thing got me to thinking though, what would I have done if I had been alone in that situation? At the time my immediate thought was to dial 911 (following that as I saw the 8 lanes of cars heading toward me from a block away my next thought was how can I make sure I die as painlessly as possible when they all hit me?...This was followed by a massive panic attack as I was paralyzed in a head on crash and still get them sometimes just from headlights at night)
    Other than break down, panic and start crying, I don't know what I would do other than call 911 and tell them I'm paralyzed and stuck in the middle of the road. Has anyone here had something like this happen? If so what was your reaction and what did you end up doing?

    By the way, I did talk to my dad later about his decision to push the car when he did and he said he realized that the car was on a slight downward slope to the right, he saw the break in traffic and knew it would be his only chance to do it. If I hadn't had the panic attack I would've been completely fine with the idea.
    Calmly get out of my car and...
    Calmly get out of the car, open the hood and try to fix it if possible
    Call 911
    Get the hell out of the car and haul butt to safety!
    Ask a passerby to help move the car
    Panic and stay in the car until help arrived
    I have no Clue!
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    I was heading to Shepherd Clinic in Atlanta, in very heavy traffic, when my left front tire went flat and I was in the left (high speed) of 6 lanes. I put on my right flasher and started trying to get off at an exit. I couldn't make the exit and did not have a phone at the time and I was alone. I walked with crutches at the time but could not exit my van as I was about 4' from the highway which was I-75 in downtown Atlanta. The trucks coming by at high speeds kept me from being able to stand up due to the air blast they created. I just slid my seat back and prepared to wait for DOT or law enforcement to stop. (I do have handicapped plates on my van.)

    After about 5 minutes, I saw a young man walking from an exit towards me. He asked if I needed help and then changed my tire. He would not take payment, would not give me his name and would not tell me where he worked. He just said he was glad he came along.

    Just when you are about ready to give up on the younger generation, something like this happens to restore your faith.

    Good luck.

    PS: I now carry a cell phone all the time!
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      Originally posted by Millard View Post
      Just when you are about ready to give up on the younger generation, something like this happens to restore your faith.
      Agreed. Most of the kids today will do anything they're asked. Maybe not for the average person, but for a PWD my experience has been they are willing, ready and able. Quite often instead of struggling to get my rugby chair back in my vehicle at the track/gym I'll just ask the first young person I see for a hand, regardless of gender. The line I use is "how would you like the do your good deed for the day?" No one ever says no.

      As to the OP - it's called AAA. For less than $100 a year it's well worth the investment, that is little more than a tank of fuel - consider it part of the cost of driving. Please leave 911 for emergencies. Whether or not I'd get out would be dictated by the circumstances, if safe to do so, weather, etc.

      Just don't freak out, no one should be driving if their initial reaction is to spaz.


        Your dad sounds like a smart and resourceful man.
        AAA is great, but their response time is not always the greatest and you could be left sitting in that dangerous spot quite a while.
        Calling the regular police dept number instead of 911 and letting them know what is happening might be a good idea. It is a traffic hazard and maybe they could get a tow quicker.


          Worst fear right there.

          I would call somebody to help.

          Once I started my car, backed out of spot put it in drive and it went 5 feet and died. Thankfully there were no other cars but lots of people. After 3 minutes it started. I kept moving my entire trip home (aka just slowing for stop signs).


            I'd ask my caregiver to get out of the van and get help to push it to the side of the road.
            Since he will automatically object to this, I'll be forced to do it. Upon seeing my wc, there will be a few would-be-heroes stopping their vehicles seeking to assist me by either: a) making a call on my behalf (most), or b) offering to change the flat (despite it being engine failure) or c) offering me a ride (until they learn that my chair weighs 350lbs) .
            That said, I'd just get a call to AAA and wait. If it's summer I'd hang in a warm sunny spot and enjoy the heavy exhaust fumes until my hookered chariot arrived.


              Most people have towing on their car insurance. Keep the number handy. There is also 1 800 pepboys, they will hook you up with a towing company.
              Personally I start swearing. Swearing at the car, the guy that built the car, the guy that built the part that failed and the idiot that fixes and drives such a crappy car. Then often as not I get out, go buy a gas can, fill it and get the car going again.


                I put a donut on while sitting on the ground on my wc cushion. it was a vw golph, and I had no trouble. The flat was a rear tire, and on the passenger side, so it was no problem to drive it to a parking lot to change it. The thing is, seeing a lady gimpy lady changing a tire is not acceptable, and in minutes there was a group of people ther not going to allow such a thing. Two of them called me James Mom (my son) and physically moved me out of the way to finish the job. I had practiced this in my driveway when I got the car. Both front and back tires, so I was actually looking forward to changing my first flat tire.