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2013 new Law's please goofy ones included

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    2013 new Law's please goofy ones included

    1) I heard something to the effect that you can be fined Big time
    For any one hauling more than 1000 lbs of used cooking oil in Louisiana
    what the heck ?

    I believe this could be a law being pushed by the waste oil haulers. WVO (waste vegetable oil) can be used in diesel cars, trucks, buses, boats, furnaces. Its free. You go to the local fast food, greasy spoon and they will give it to you. They get rid of it for free and you get free fuel. Perfect set up. You don't just dump it in the bus and go but pretty close. I have a buddy with a work pick up. He's spent about $20 on fuel in the last 2 years. Before that about $100 a week.
    When he first started doing it, the restaurants though he was a nut. Now they have the stuff waiting for him in 5 gallon buckets.
    Look up Diesel the guy that invented the diesel engine. He did it to get and engine to run on peanut oil. Like they cook everything in at Chinese places.