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Free Wheelchair Christmas Card Download

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    Free Wheelchair Christmas Card Download

    In the spirit of Christmas, here's a free download for you to use as the base of a Disability based Wheelchair Christmas card for your friends and family. If you want to edit the Apparelyzed tag line off the bottom in a photo editing program, I have no objections. It's a high resolution image so is suitable for printing.

    I know it's early, but it'll give you time to mess around with the image to suit your needs.



      Thanks Simon, (The Boss)

      I am sure this will be showing up on the web this Christmas season.


      ''Life's tough... it's even tougher if you're stupid!'' -- John Wayne


        Glad you liked it, I'm working on an e-Card as well, which I'll add to the same page.



          Thanks for sharing I like the design.

          Some years ago, I made my own card featuring a person racing downhill in a wheelchair (cos that's my favourite thing to do in my chair).

          I used an old Argos catalogue. (It's a bit like a department store via catagloue. Branches in every town in UK).

          I cut out photos of mountain bikes, cut up the frame into lines of metal. Then re-assembled them to create a quickie GPV style wheelchair (glueing the bits to the card).

          Then I cut out pics of mountain bike wheels plus a head and body of a teen who happened to look like me, only better, also from the catalogue.

          Then I drew the hill that the figure was racing down, added some trees and snow, and done.

          Quite easy if you have good hand control. No art skill needed,
          which is good cos I can't seem to draw anything recognisable anymore (!!).
          If your hand control is not so good, Im guessing you could do it digitally, using online catalogues and search engines to find pics to cut bits out of?
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