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I was suppose to get my new chair today

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  • I was suppose to get my new chair today

    Due to the new changes in medicare, extra required paperwork, and my doctor who was unable to get it done and caused me to have to go to a PT, I've been waiting since January 31 to get my chair. Anyhow, all that aside, today I was suppose to get my new chair. I was getting a Quantum Rival and I thought I was gonna be cruising the streets today, but when they brought it in and started setting it up, we (my morning worker and I) noticed that the seat depth looked too shallow. The 22" deep cushion fit on the chairs seat pan, but the design of the back extends forward and left me at least two inches shy of a good seating. I had noticed on their website that the chairs power-positioning seating was not available in 22" and told my local vendor this and he told me that we could change the back and all would be well, but now I'm seriously doubting that and wondering if I'm stuck with a chair I can't use as is, or if ordering a different chair is possible through medicare and if so, am I going to be waiting several months more... I am so sick of this "so called life" of SCI.