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missing the old you!

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  • missing the old you!

    Not really a question just a rant. I miss the old me the guy that was at the gym daily. I use to race cars i honestly can say I miss driving a manual transmission more then walking! my first movement since being paralised is my feet and laying in bed trying to move telling my feet clutch,gas, clutch,gas,clutch, gas. Its hard looking at my 67 mustang that I restored sitting for 2 years in a buddys garage with a inch of dust on it. I am still driving the car I was paralised in how many people can say that. I see it as the car saved my life in a way by getting me out of there. I know one day im going to walk again I keep getting feeling back and I know I will never be 100% like the old me. But my future plans when I do get back on my feet is to re-restore my old mustang kinda to usher in the new me!