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Shrooms, spasms, jeez...

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    Shrooms, spasms, jeez...

    I took 1.5g of shrooms
    I am having epic spasms like I'm running a marathon
    I'm tired
    And overheating

    I had it happen once on acid
    Is this normal on shrooms? Why would it have this affect?

    Spasms upto my abdomen owwww

    What kind of shrooms. Might go to the ER, before you die.


      psychedelic ones...
      not like ones I found in my backyard.

      lol, still quite hot, and spasms won't stop.
      I'm drinking lots of water and got lots of fans going
      fawwwka u spasmssss


        Lock the doors and windows, lower blinds, make chamomile tea w/ honey. Cool wet rag on neck and head. Soak feet in cold water. Watch only soothing tv, or listen to soothing music. Don't drink too much water, tons of AB ppl on ecstasy have killed themselves drinking water to cool off. I suspect you are having a similar reaction. Do you have a blood pressure cuff? Are you prone to AD? As always, if you get a bad AD attack or high bld. pressure, to the ER you go.

        Don't ask me how I know this. I just do.
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          I have never taken them, but my late, best friend was an ER doctor of many years and told me stories about shoom patients coming through the ER when they were popular on campus.

          The ingredient that gets you high, is poison. If, by freak of nature, a shroom has too much poison, you can OD. There is no way to measure the poison within a single mushroom. No two are the same. To my knowledge, there is no antidote for the poison.

          I suggest you go to the ER to be monitored and hydrated or call poison control.

          Hope you are feeling better real soon!! Please, take care of yourself and don't eat those nasty things again! Do you know they grow in cow dung???
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            When you say shrooms, do you mean like licking a toad, or smoking weed?
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              means mushrooms crappler.
              yes, what beth said. cool shower. beware the explosive bum tomorrow. tried em at fest. puked, crappled. ..sorry crappler.


                Usually lasts about 6 to 8 hours depending on how potent they are. Probably not a great move.


                  Originally posted by diaspora View Post
                  I had it happen once on acid
                  Is this normal on shrooms? Why would it have this affect?
                  I like the "is this normal on shrooms" question.....ARE YOU KIDDING ME!
                  Like you expect someone to say , yea its all good..... good luck on your "trip"
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                      There are enough difficulties living with a spinal cord injury, without borrowing trouble experimenting with stuff like this. Hope this is a one off experience for you and that you feel better soon.

                      Some general information from The Good Drugs Guide, a guide to drugs, treatment and addiction.

                      Mushrooms (Shrooms) Effects
                      The mushroom effect is described as a "trip" because it is a long (4-6 hours) and powerful experience which takes you beyond normal perception and then back again. The active ingredient that causes this effect is called psilocybin. The mushrooms can be eaten raw or used to make tea.

                      At low doses, mushrooms induce a tingling body feeling and sense of euphoria and lightness. You may feel happy and giggly. Colors seem more vibrant, music sounds richer.

                      Simply put, it alters and expands consciousness by loosening or -- at higher doses- completely erasing the normal filters and screens between your conscious mind and the outside world.

                      With these filters down, more information rushes in and you become aware of things normally filtered out by your mind. You sense more, think more, feel more -- visual, auditory, sensory, emotional -- the intricate details on surfaces, the richness of sound, the brightness of colors, and the complexity of your own mental processes.

                      Starting the Magic Mushroom Trip
                      The effects begin to be felt between 20 minutes to an hour after ingestion. The first signs are a sense of euphoria and expectation, along with a tingling body feeling.

                      Once started, the effects usually take between 30-45 minutes to 'come up' and reach their peak.

                      It is common to feel some nausea during this stage. It can be reduced by having an empty stomach.

                      Getting to the Peak of the Mushroom Ride
                      The peak effect lasts for one to two hours. A clear symptom is rich visual hallucinations, just like with LSD. Colors seem more vibrant. Surfaces may ripple and shimmer. You may notice tiny details on objects. Music sounds richer and louder.

                      At the same time, you may feel blissful, have flashes of insight into yourself or the world, experience severe time-distortion, or feel yourself dissolving or see objects merging into one another.

                      Bad Trips on Shrooms
                      A good trip on magic mushrooms can give you a more "natural" experience than dropping acid does. It can put you in a dreamlike state that is very enjoyable for the hours that the trip lasts. The colors can appear so vivid and inviting that you may feel as if you can almost taste them, as well as feel them. Some users describe an experience that is so intense that they can smell words.

                      The flip side to having a good trip on shrooms is having a bad one. Instead of an enjoyable, peaceful experience, you will be spending several hours in a world that is similar to your worst nightmare. The difference between a bad trip and a bad dream is that you can't wake up from a bad trip. You are stuck in the experience until it runs its course and the effects of the mushrooms wear off.

                      The hallucinations that go with a bad trip can be absolutely terrifying. As a result of spending several hours with the disturbing images, a user can feel anxious and afraid. In more extreme cases, paranoia results. One explanation for a bad trip could be that the user's emotional state when he or she ingested the mushrooms is intensified during the trip. Being upset or in a negative emotional state may set the stage for a similar experience while being high on shrooms.

                      Physical Side Effects of Psychedelic Mushrooms
                      If you decide that you want to experiment with using psychedelic mushrooms, be prepared for stomach problems like cramping, nausea and vomiting. Some users get diarrhea after taking shrooms.
                      Feeling ill after ingesting them can also be a sign that you have consumed one of the poisonous varieties of mushrooms. In that situation, it is best to call emergency services before it's too late.

                      All the best,
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                        No you don't have to go to the ER. It's part of the injury. LSD will do the same thing.

                        I came home to find my parents waiting for me while on 'shrooms . My legs were going a mile a minute. They never said a word; probably thought it was part of the injury lol. I had cows in my field so had an abundant source. It'll wear off.


                          This is why I posed the question I did previously. Were these mushrooms that you ate or something you were "trying"?
                          If it was "trying", it sounds to me like your tripping. Hell, even if you weren't "trying", it sounds to me like your tripping.
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                            well, you don't buy mushrooms at the store by the gram. I reckon he had some idea what to expect, brainwise. (Trippin') The spasms were an unpleasant bonus. I don't think diaspora got these at the store lol.
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                              I hope he's okay, hasn't checked in for a while
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