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Shrooms, spasms, jeez...

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    MDMA/E does the same to me. 6-8 hours of spasms and felt like garbage the next day.



      Hey all,

      @elizabeth, wow you're quite harsh. I think you're a mean person. Why would I deserve what I get? just because I was curious and wanted to live my life? \

      So, I don't take any medications -- no worries for it affecting anything. The only medication I take is Marijuana.

      I ended up running a marathon, it felt like. My body was over-heating, my muscles were tight and cramped and spazzing. My friend came to my rescue and provided me with some Valium. Add to that a couple of joints of marijuana, and a pot brownie, and within 1 hour my spasms subsided and I rode the rest of the trip like a champ, it was enjoyable.

      So I have decided to have one more trip for the year. I tend to do this kind of thing once a year. Last year it was salvia, before it was Acid, and before it was DMT. Acid and Shrooms are the only ones to give me spasms.

      My next trip is going to be a jump up to 4Grams of shrooms and I'm going to be sure to have a couple of valium on the side and a lot of pot cookies to combat the spasms.

      Y'only live once, try it all!


        to be young again.

        i never tried shrooms but in a lack of judgment i took some acid, my first time, and i had no idea what acid does to the body.........makes you sweat and overheat.

        i first started getting spasms all over, not the normal violent jerking spasms but my legs, tricepts and trunk all got rigid and it felt as if i might be able to stand up. i also started getting hot and since i dont sweat i started overheating and i knew i was in bad shape.

        i wanted to call paramedics but friends thought i was starting a bad trip but i knew it was not a bad trip but a bad reaction with my level of injury.

        i told the paramedics that i took 2 hits of brown acid so they knew what was going on. once in the er i was put on ice to control my body temp and i was put on life support and the only other case like mine the quad in miami died from too high body temp and it cooked the brain. i was with a temp over 104 for many hrs, so long mt lips and face were blistered.

        the dr told my family to make end of life decisions but i thank God that i recovered w/o any problems, just a whole lot smarter.

        enjoy your path but remember that you may not get to try it all with the "Y'only live once, try it all" motto.


          Welcome back diaspora. Bethany you are a loving compassionate person. I love hearing you write.

          I see more people 'wig out' on marijuana edibles than on mushrooms. Remember people, whatever the drug, take half as much as you initially were going to take. You can always take the rest later.


            Geeze, who knew shrooms would give you such a workout. I reckon I gotta get rid of my FES bike and stock up the fridge with shrooms
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              glad to hear you're alive, next time don't leave us in the dark, you scared me!
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                Originally posted by Van Quad View Post
                Welcome back diaspora. Bethany you are a loving compassionate person. I love hearing you write.

                I see more people 'wig out' on marijuana edibles than on mushrooms. Remember people, whatever the drug, take half as much as you initially were going to take. You can always take the rest later.
                Thank you, this made me feel good.

                diaspora, please don't try a higher dose! Maybe if you had umpteen systems in place but it's so unpredictable. I don't see how you could hope to get all those ducks in a row.

                The more you spazz, the higher your body temp will go. The threat of cooking your brain due to high temps seems real, and a valid concern. Drinking water won't fix it. As I mentioned I've seen numerous reports of AB ppl on X at raves and whatnot. They drink so much water in an effort to cool off that they throw off their electrolyte balance. When your lytes are off your heart quits beating. So they basicaly die of heart failure/drowning. It's not an accidental od/poisoning. They water themselves to death!

                I'd like you to see 33 dude. And your mom does not want to bury you at this age. Trust me. I KNOW.
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                  So diaspora isn't on any sci meds? Imagine that.

                  Elizabeth422 was evidently throwing proverbial shit at the proverbial wall...just to see if something would stick?

                  I don't see the point in getting all hateful and judgmental when the guy is already in over his head. Then use mythical drug interactions for your defense? WTF?

                  If you're gonna be hateful and judgmental and holier-than-thou, own it.

                  I was scratching my head wondering how she knew what meds diaspora is on for "his condition". I thought WAIT! They have drugs for this condition? Where are mine? LOL

                  That is 60 seconds of my life I will never get back...
                  Does This Wheelchair Make My Ass Look Fat?


                    My wife thought t would be a good idea to give me x to lift my spirits up. It did but also my legs were stiff as a board. I cant imagine taking mind altering drugs and cathing, talk about a trip!


                      Drugs make you feel like you can do shit that you simply cannot do anymore. Stay clean if you can. Trust.


                        I took some years...ago and had the same exoerience,you just have to ride it out and never do them with a SCI.


                          Originally posted by betheny View Post

                          They say giggle-worthy things like "Is this normal?" Buddy, you're tripping in a w/chair. There is NOTHING normal about this!
                          You took the words right out of my mouth!
                          T11 Asia A after near-fatal bike crash.. Just happy to still be here

                          No, I didn't loose my mind... It got scared and ran away!!


                            Gotta love that disconnected nervous system, eh?

                            FWIW, sci pretty much sobered me up.


                              Glad you were able to bump to first class and land safely, Diaspora!!! I agree, if you fly again, start slow. They're not like the herbs -- you can't trust Mother Nature!

                              Betheny, I'm also a fan - love your kindness, realism, attitude and humor!
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                                My experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. I have spasticity and have never experienced anything negative SCI related while exploring my consciousness, through the use of natural indole hallucinogens. The act of getting one's mind out in front of oneself (the definition of 'psychedelic') is a profound tool, when used, not abused.

                                It's hardly recreational, to my way of thinking, but worth it, in spades, for some. (An LSD trip has been credited, by Francis Crick, who first defined it, with revealing the double helix structure of DNA.)


                                Besides, we all know the most physically destructive 'drugs' are openly available, and socially accepted, because they feed the official state sanctioned consciousness. The War on Drugs is not helping elevate humanity. In a large measure it is a war on consciousness, itself. It is the enforcement arm of a State with deep and abiding interests in containing human consciousness into a narrow band of the physically possible and repeatable. The narrow band of production, consumption, and entertainment. Of male, dominance hierarchies.

                                Boundary dissolving psychedelics (i.e. natural indoles) serve to break down cultural patterns of thought, and the barriers, we all acquire as base assumptions.

                                This is very good, and an authentic, natural, way to spark a more empathic lucid state of mind.

                                There really is a huge hole in Western language, a poverty, around the word 'drugs' that has served, and continues to serve, as a brake on our evolution and the evolution of human thought.

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