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    I wish you lived near me, Jody. I'd love to tie dye or knit gloves...with tea or whatever.

    Yeah, I know what you mean about people acting strangely to us. It happens to me too. I just look 'em in the eye, say hello and keep on with what I'm doing, which is usually something fun.

    I love your spine tie-dye. How can I get one?


      Jody Name a price for me I want you to custom make A BLUE REDISH SPINE ONE
      I'll pm you later today my friend


        I think moving to a small town where no on knows you is very hard under the best of circumstances. When you have disabilities, it is way harder. But, the best thing to do is not worry about other people. Go about your business, be open to social contact, and little by little people will see who you really are and you will make friends. Or, you can try to short cut things and get a cute friendly loving dog. That draws social contact---better than giving away money! Just go outside with the dog.
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          Jody, I am convinced it is those who were born and raised on the East Coast. We lived in the same place 3 years before going back to Germany pre-SCI. I tried to be friendly and helpful and I was also working and going to school at the time. About the only people I knew was the older father of the next door neighbor's who was retired and those we knew through work and my job was not exactly the make friends kind of place.
          I wouldn't give up though. When someone says they like your shirts offer them one if you want. Give them a break so they don't think you're giving away stuff you need and say something like "wear it and I get free advertising". Something like that little explaination and most will no longer feel they are taking advantage of your generous nature. Might get business cards made up and have them handy to add to a give away.
          And I am definitely looking forward to meeting you too.
          Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

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            well I was waiting for someone else to post but no one is going to.

            anyway, I didn't post this thread for sympathy. I posted for just what I got. Another way of seeing what others see when they see me.

            I gave a shirt to a guy who has stopped by and chatted for over a year. I don't go throwing shirts at people, He liked one I had drying, and he asked for one. He got all funky about it. Oh well.
            Im pretty sure that yes, I am eccentric, unusual, and they don't want to be indebted. I will not change my ways, I will still give the odd shirt away.
            except for this one.


              If you mean about a certain members post, I thought about replying but had assumed his post would be removed due to him being specifically told to stay away from this thread.
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                Maybe noone cane see it from the ignore button.
                If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

                Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.


                  I know this is an old thread, but it deserves (imo) to be resurrected with more socially unacceptable things

                  I think that people just don't understand kindness, honesty and openness anymore. When people ask for my opinion I always ask if they want my honest opinion or a soft opinion. I am brutally honest in almost all of my dealings. Sometimes my little black heart takes over and I may do something kind of rude, but that's not my general mode of operation.

                  When I give someone something, they just don't know how to take it. People often seem to feel beholden if I give them something. They don't understand a gift is a gift and there's no debt to be "paid off". People then avoid those of us who give because we want to, simply because they have no idea how to receive anything
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                  Many people seem to feel that reciprocity is necessary when it's not, we've already received our gift because we had the joy of giving.

                  I'm also totally socially unacceptable!
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