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  • loss

    part of life, and the longer we are here, the more there is.

    I lost a friend today.
    Her name was Gerianne. She and her friends always camped next to us. I found some little spiritual gift from her left in my heart about every year, and so always took her some silly thing I made and gifted her back.

    I doubt she knew how much I admire her. or how glad I was to see her every year. or how a her compliments were treasured.

    She did know But turned out to be the one. She loved her parents. She adopted brothers, sisters, cousins, friends as her own, and kept them knowing they were blessed to call her friend, sister, or wife.

    My dancing friend so bright and starry, how could it be that you would not wake to see the sun bathe the stomping ground we so joyfully gathered at? I shall miss her jingle. Her lovely song, The flowers she tossed over just for me to collect stash away.

    Thank you Friend. when you looked over you didnt see how broken I was. If you did you didn't let on.

    Shake shake it sugaree please don't tell them that you knew me.
    shake it shake it sugaree just don't tell them that you knew, that you knew


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    That was really lovely.


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      Sorry for your loss Jody.


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        {{{{hugs}}} You're words are so sweet jody - I'm glad you had a friend like her in your life !

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          No energy is ever lost, it just changes form. I cling to that, maybe it will help you too. I'm sorry you lost your friend.
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            So sorry, Jody. That is a lovely tribute to your friend.
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              she didnt wake up. She was at fest too, where she will always be.


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                I'm sorry for your loss & pray for healing


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                  Jody I feel your loss


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                    Originally posted by betheny View Post
                    No energy is ever lost, it just changes form. I cling to that, maybe it will help you too.
                    I firmly believe this as well. Sorry about the loss of your friend Jody.
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                      I'm so sorry for your loss Jody. I know how you feel. I've been going through the grief process too. I recently lost my sister to brain cancer.....she was sister, mother, and friend. And your're right, the more time that passes, the more we lose......

                      I'd like to think Betheny is right...they are'nt ever completely lost. Especially if they continue to live on in your heart. When I go, they are to cremate me, no funeral, and have a hell of a's a new beginning, not the end........


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                        oh, my condolences friend
                        I agree with what beth says also.
                        My friend died at fest. still do not know why. most of us will have our ashes scattered on the stomping ground. often people say they know this person is there and that person, who they feel or miss. Still, It was a shock, and to know she has gone and, had to be grieved as well as celebrated.