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Why can't I sleep

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    Why can't I sleep

    This SUCKS!!! Everynight, has been for months, I dread nighttime because if I don't take Advil PM - I do not sleep. Even when I take it I'm waking up throughout the night, tossing & turning, and have the weirdest dreams. When I don't take it I lay in bed and try to fall asleep, by the time I realize its 2-3 hours past the time I laid down and I get so frustrated. I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE!!!
    My doc recommended a sleep study, my insurance denied it, my doc appeal it and I rescheduled the study for friday. I hope they approve it...better yet I hope they can get to the bottom of what causes my sleep issues.

    I try going to bed at the same time everynight/getting up at the same time. Eating well, only good for you foods, I exercise not too late, I drink sleepytime tea, I read before bed, get away from all electronics for about 2 hrs before I get in bed, I only sleep in my bed, I don't take naps -- What am I doing wrong!!?What do you do for sleep??
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    This really sucks.

    My Dad sees a sleep doctor for his many issues. Here are her instructions. They are pretty good. It is helpful to review them because none of us have "perfect sleep hygiene". Some of us will be more sensitive to these then others.


    The most common cause of insomnia is a change in your daily routine. For example, change in medications, change in work hours, change in other behaviors (eating, exercise, leisure..) and relationship troubles/stressors.


    - Go to bed at the same time everyday.
    - Get up at the same time everyday. Weekends too!
    - Exercise every day. Esp. stretching/aerobic exercise. Morning is best.
    - Get regular exposure to bright light/outdoors - esp. in late afternoon.
    - Keep the temperature in your bedroom comfortable.
    - Keep the bedroom quiet while sleeping.
    - Keep the bedroom dark while sleeping.
    - Use your bed only for sleep and sex.
    - Use a relaxation exercise just before sleep (massage, warm bath etc..)
    - Keep feet/hands warm during sleep. Wear socks/gloves if needed.
    - Take prescribed sleep meds as directed. It is best to take a sleeping pill 1 hour before bedtime, or 10 hours before getting up (to avoid daytime drowsiness).


    - Exercise before bed. Especially 2-3 hours before bed.
    - Don't do stimulating activity just before bed, especially 1 hour before. No close bright computer screens, exciting video games, emotional fights/discussions, or an exciting movie.TV show. Reading is ok.
    - No caffeine in the evening. Some people have to avoid in the afternoon!
    - No reading or watching TV in bed. Bed is for sleep.
    - No use of alcohol to fall asleep.
    - Don't go to bed too hungry, or too full.
    - Don't take someone else's sleeping pills.
    - Don't take OTC sleep meds without telling your doc. You can develop tolerance very quickly, and then they don't work.
    - NO DAYTIME NAPS. 15 minute power naps allowed only.

    If you lie in bed awake for more then 20-30 minutes, get up. Go into a different room or different part of your bedroom and participate in a quiet activity (eg. read/TV), then go back to bed when you are sleepy. Do this as many times during the night as needed.


      Are you feeling lots of anxiety about the uncertainty of your future?


        You can try this. Doesn't cost anything. Take a TV or radio with an off timer. Set the timer for 20 min. Do it every night. I've never seen the TV shut off. I fall asleep before it does.


          Try melatonin


            Originally posted by Van Quad View Post
            Try melatonin
            agree and Nyquil is making something w/o the pain med part.

            Nyquil is the only thing that works for me for sleep and pain
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              Do you wake up in a lot of pain? My theory as to why even though I am very tired I don't want to/can't sleep is the "fire = hot" mechanism in your brain. You instinctively don't repeatedly do things that hurt. At some point when you were young you learned touching hot things hurts so now it takes an act of will to stick your hand in a fire. Something lower than your conscious mind goes "hey stupid that will hurt, don't do it!". I think I am at that point with sleep, sleeping literally hurts. So I think somewhere down in my subconscious my "fire = hot" program is going "don't sleep stupid you are just going to wake up in pain". Unfortunately I don't have a good solution, if I do sleep I don't do it longer than 3-4 hours, then I try and do self ROM exercises then go back to sleep. Sometimes that works, sometimes that means I only get 3-4 hours of sleep that night. At the very least by making working on managing my pain as soon as I wake up a priority I am breaking that cycle and have had less problems falling asleep.


                Ugh! I know just how you feel. I have an appointment with my Dr next week for the very same thing. I've managed fine until a few months ago. I just can't settle down at night and have trouble keeping still. I feel like I'm plugged in on a low hum all night long. The smallest things wake me up. Trouble is, I still need to manage through my days, be at work, drive, etc. I'm sure it's the same with you. I manage, kinda, with Tylenol PM but even that's not working real well anymore.

                You sound like you have a very healthy routine. I hope they can get to the bottom of it for you. Very frustrating, I agree!


                  i can't find Tylenol PM anywhere around here...
                  i need it to switch back and forth with Advil PM..cant take it everynight.
                  Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. -- John Lennon


                    Originally posted by LIP26 View Post
                    i can't find Tylenol PM anywhere around here...
                    i need it to switch back and forth with Advil PM..cant take it everynight.
                    is there a reason why you are taking this? it's just benedryl with a pain reliever. are you in pain as well?
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