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Thank God i live in Malta

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    Thank God i live in Malta

    Many times do i complain about my own country but
    when i see whats going around me, we Maltese are very very well off. Most med countries have gone bankrupt while we are still going strong. What do we have. we are multi lingual English is not my first or second language.
    Beautiful, sun, sea beaches, nightlife and life quality on an island where everyone knows nearly everyone.
    Tourists are spellbound by our warmth, kids roam the streets even till late at night as or at least till now we all are very safe. Our national pride is family and family commitments, yes we only introduced divorce as legal last year but family means alot here. I personally fail to understand different lifestyles such as open marriages, swingers, it is unheard of here, Anyway many Libjan and Sirjan people have come here and really do not want to leave. They are such nice people when you get to know them face to face
    Libja is still a very dangerous place (sadly BBC, CNN do not show this) In Sirja fanatics are trying to bring down their Gov and are commiting such terrible crimes. (Unfortunatly that is not what your media shows you) so sad but anyway thank God i live in |Malta
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    The pictures I have seen of Malta are beautiful Peter. Are you on the Euro? Heaven knows Greece, Spain, and Ireland are suffering right now financially.


      Yes we are Eileen.
      Pity Greece, Italy and Spain have such corrupt Gov, Pity again that the EU did not monitor their spending and tax evasion. Now Tiny Malta is being asked to fork out millions for bail outs to help rich countries. we do not have or produce oil, nor any other riches however our quality of life compared to much larger countries and hospitality to all people is supreme. pity some abuse it

      Libja is now worse that it was under Gaddafi, we are full of illegal immigrants whom we house for free yet summer has not even begun. Most do not want to leave. Italy does not even bother to rescue them and leaves them to die at sea when seeing their shanty boats adrift. Anyway people can say what they like how we are very catholic, backward we only introduced divorce last year but we are loving, caring people. Marriage is a big thing over here very few rush into it, we usually spend years building our own homes, very very few married people live in rented homes.
      Its a scandal to be unemployed over here, we are a nation of workaholics the more you work here the more you are respected. but we also know how to throw a big party which we call Festas
      I am typical Maltese too very explosive but i love people in general. Anyway our secret to success is the very strong family bonds. When you have strong family roots and rear your children in a certain manner you will not have all the social problems we see abroad, drugs, gangs, unknown fathers, people who scam etc. Even here on the CC i fail to understand certain lifestyles especially in your r/s forums. Its all about selfish sex addiction and not much relationship.
      Again here too i have found it very hard to make real friends, its a different culture but in hindsight i can always say thank God i live in Malta.
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          Thanks god...


            Hi Peter,

            As you stated in your post, the main source of information is the news media. Usually, the news reports the bad things and not the good things going on. Sure, we have problems here in the US that your don't have but we are also a country of 300 million people. You will read or hear about our gangs and etc., but you don't read about the millions or hard working, God fearing people. Our country was made up of immigrants from all parts of the world and different cultures and religions. We do not have a state church which is one thing our founding fathers made clear; separation of church and state. You are entitled to worship how your please.

            You want beautiful beaches? We have thousands of miles of beaches. How about majestic mountains? We have them. How about hundreds of miles of grassy plains and fields of wheat? Yep. Every country has their bad and good.

            This could go on and on but you see my point I am sure. We make our own paradise or our own hell. Malta has a very long colorful history but I am sure that living there you see things we don't see about your country.

            I enjoy talking to people from other countries and cultures. When you and I communicated before, I went and read up on Malta and found out about your history and religion and enjoyed reading of your culture.
            ''Life's tough... it's even tougher if you're stupid!'' -- John Wayne


              Hi Millard

              Don't get me wrong i do not wish to compare my culture to undermine yours
              Like you i love to reach out and meet people
              Below is a personal experience that has left me spell bound.

              Made a friend in the most unlikely place

              I have always been fascinated by how people live their lives and often tried to make personal contact to know better and make friends, now that I am SCI that fascination has increased. The more I do this the more I learn the more i learn the more i change my rationale.
              I live in a catholic dominated society where Arabs are viewed as our historical enemies, British and Americans viewed as heros. Our history books media, TV bombard us daily. In our local language words like ara qiesu Arbi meaning ugly it looks Islamic or ara qiesu englese meaning aww look how cute it looks English reflect this.
              A couple of months ago I entered an Islamic site to take them on, (I was a bit bored)
              show them what I think of their sick religion. You cc people know I can do this. Anyway of all the insults and shit fatwas a mail came back in perfect English that my writing is not only insulting but wrong. Jihad is an inner struggle by oneself on oneself not to do bad so it said. My answer Who are you? Where are you from?
              Reply Sima, 28 year female from Iran. Female? So I calmed down a bit and decided to find from a personal perspective how these people live/think without getting into the too personal. Anyway according to this Sima she too is fascinated by how people in the west live their lifestyles. And so are the vast majority of Iranians. We know what war is, we are terrified that Israel or America might attack us and we really do want peaceful nuc energy. ????? In Iranian parlament all religions are represented. khomeni himself wanted it that way and yes in Tehran we do have 14 Jewish synagogues. She actually knew more about America than me successive presidents, Martin Luther king etc.
              But please tell me about Malta. I ve been bitten in the past but what the heck. I introduced myself on a private mail with pics of myself and family. Finally I said I am SCI and have been in a chair for two years and sent pics of proof.
              Stranger still a pic Full face came back (I later came to know that this is viewed as ultimate trust and not something Iranian woman do). After I complimented her nice smile and features she said please do not do that it is not appropriate. To tell someone how good looking they are is a compliment????? At least from where I come from; but I did not want to loose contact and said sorry. So to cut a long story short I now know that she is married with one 3 year old son. she lives in a family of 17, extended, what we call uncles aunts and inlaws all live in the same complex. My daughter has also made friends with her younger sister while her brother has also popped in to say hello, what nice kind loving decent people. Many other things were said which I will not reveal here.
              In hindsight a perfect stranger from a different culture I had not intended to befriend actually wanted to know me personally and my family on a private basis and yes pray for me too. Here too is one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen who covers up out of decency, morality and respect.
              Wow what a strange world, what a learning experience. What little do I know about the human race.


                Peter, I am so glad you have had the opportunity to communicate with Sima. It is my belief that most people are good, no matter what their religion is, or even if they have none at all. When we paint people with a broad brush of negativity because a few in their particular category commit terrible acts we disrespect the millions and millions (like Sima) in their ranks who wish nothing more than what all humans long for, connection and love.


                  Hi Peter, I am not offended at all by any of your statements. I love finding out about different cultures and religions. I consider you a friend from another part of the world and will always consider you as my f friend.

                  Kindest regards.
                  ''Life's tough... it's even tougher if you're stupid!'' -- John Wayne


                    Originally posted by peterf View Post
                    In Sirja fanatics are trying to bring down their Gov and are commiting such terrible crimes. (Unfortunatly that is not what your media shows you) so sad but anyway thank God i live in |Malta
                    Really? You believe that the murderous Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad is the victim? I think you need to look a little deeper into this horror-story Peter because I think history will show that you are backing the wrong horse. God help the Syrian people from the fanatics clinging so desperately to power.
                    Awe at my magnificent coq!

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                    but I'm not" - J. Lennon


                      Do you know where Malta is?

                      Malta. Where is Malta?

                      Do you people know where Malta is?

                      Not many know.

                      I sold a Pocher 1/8th scale model kit on eBay to a man who lives on Malta. When the winning bid came in and I had to mail the kit out I had to look in the Atlas to find Malta. Malta is a little island in the Mediterranean Sea. When the kit arrived at the post office he emailed me and told me he was going to pick it himself instead of the postal carrier delivering it his home!

                      HGTV did a show about property for sale in Malta. From the show it’s a beautiful place to live.

                      "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."


                        thank you for showing interest.
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