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Darkeyed_daisy came for dinner tonight!

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    womanfrom europe is european where antibiotics etc are banned from their animal feed. and most there are fed grass, very little corn fed animals in europe. but organic meat is kind of a misnomer lol you cant put pesticides into animals. but yea it means antibiotic/hormone free and when it comes to beef, it's grass fed.
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"


      My understanding is that at least for our farmer's market, organic meat is from animals that were fed organic feed. I agree about grass fed beef .... SO much better. And beef from these locally owned humanely raised animals is heads and shoulders above what you could ever eat from a grocery store. Its double, sometimes triple in price, but worth it. I want to support sustainable and humane agriculture and animal treatment, as well as reap the health benefits of local, organic foods. We go in half on a 1/2 cow with my parents with one of the vendors there. We just pick up what we want each week and they mark off on their list what we have left. That saves money even though its initially an outlay of cash.
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        Its not only meat but fish took
        so think again when you read fresh fish.
        Malta is well known for its fish farming and tuna industry.
        Farmed fish taste bad and are very oily.
        there nothing compared to the same fish caught in open sea


          Crypticgimp is right, antibiotics and hormones are forbidden to give to the animals. I think and hope most of the meat here from grass eating animals. But we are under the regulations of EU even if we are not members so some laws has changed, some to the better and some to the worse. I have stopped eating chicken after the new regulations.

          But the salmon are given antibiotics and they tell us not to eat more than once a week. But everybody eat because it is the cheapest dinner and full of Omega3 and D-vit and still healthy.
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            Originally posted by zillazangel View Post
            And here's the proof! She is just unbelievably lovely, we had a GREAT time.
            I wanted to get back to this thread and thank you for posting! It brought a huge smile to my face last weekend and again when I opened it this morning. Each time, I needed the smile.

            CCC has been Heaven sent the last several weeks, and continues to be, as I work through medication changes that are forcing me to sit my happy arce down more often. Without CCC and its wonderful Members, I would be out of my mind while laying low.

            Your beauty, happiness, and joy pops with life from the photo and to see you, as member's, come together as family is incredibly heartwarming!

            Thank you for sharing this very special, life long memory with the rest of us here! It's deeply appreciated, and I look forward to more in the future!

            Cheers from T...
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