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    Hey guys. To wind down my project, I'm writing an article about the positive and negatives of some different different accessibility maps and I was wondering if I could get some unbiased feedback from you guys. I'm focussing on two in particular: Planat and Would you guys mind spending a couple of minutes looking at the two and maybe give some feedback on the positives and negatives of them?

    The first is Rick Hansen Foundations Planat.

    The other is Raul Krauthausen's

    Some of the criticisms of each are obvious but I'd love to hear some other opinions. Thanks!

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    I am using on my android. It is so nice to know before I go out if places are accessible and have a bathroom.
    TH 12, 43 years post


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      Wheelmap is getting pretty big in Europe. When I was in Germany there was a tv commercial using it to promote Google Chrome, which is pretty cool. I've talked to Raul a bit on Facebook too. It's also easy to add locations with just a click. It is, however, a bit vague with a green/yellow/red method to rate locations.


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        More on Rick Hansen's 'Wikipedia of accessibility' Planat

        Available by computer, smartphone and tablet, is modelled on opinionated travel sites such as TripAdvisor, but so far there’s much less snark or dreamy effusions about the perfect meal. The ratings, and the comments that are intended to go with them, are much more geared to providing basic and necessary information for visitors who need to plan ahead, about automatic door openers, turning space in washrooms, use of Braille on elevator buttons or policies regarding service animals.

        There is no such thing as too much information in the world of accessibility: The intense degree of detail on is a reminder of the numerous barriers, seen and unseen, that can block an experience meant to be normal.


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          Instead of starting a new thread i thought i would just add to this one but i just wanted ask which is the best app or website to add accessibility information today? I want to be more aware and start access mapping my town with what is accessible and what isn't but unsure which one is best to use to store all the information. I know google has started putting accessibility information in their maps but relies on collecting data from a multiple sources and there is no direct platform to provide them with access information.

          To addition to the top links i found ableroads, which i like their rating system as it's detailed information but still simple e.g

          And of course AXS maps which is very user friendly but can be limiting as it just has a simple rating system and you can't add locations

          But please let me know which website people think is the best to use as i don't want to input the information over a number of platforms, ideally it would be better if they just had this features on the mainstream websites like yelp, trip advisor, google maps etc so you don't have to go to another website to find the information or input it.