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ouch... (would you be offended?)

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    ouch... (would you be offended?)

    I was over at a friends place and he had a get-together with some people. It was a nice country setting and I haven't been that far-out before.

    There was a bonfire and I was roasting some hotdogs some lamb was going around and it was all-around nice, under the stars.

    Ofcourse, tunes were going.
    Someone had a X-MINI SPEAKER which is a really nice mini speaker that sounds really loud even though its small. People were taking turns plugging in their ipods and iphones and mp3 players.

    Here is a picture of the speaker for reference;

    THEN SOMEONE GOT THE BRIGHT IDEA of not holding onto it... they decided... I'll rest it on DIASPORAS legs! my friends girlfriend literally put her phone and the speaker on my knee and said "leave it there"

    I was offended, so so offended, I'm not a fucking table. And I want to move around, too, and mingle, why am I forced to sit still as you put your fucking speaker on me!

    I wanted to make it obvious so I put the speaker on a table, and the night went back to what it was.

    THEY ALSO GOT TIRED of holding on to it
    and BOOM! another chic simply rested it on me knee, no eye-contact, no "can I?" she just put it there...

    at that point I got pretty pissed off, I didn't think, I said "CATCH" and I tossed her ipod and the speaker at her. It was more like a chuck... or a throw...

    She tried to catch it too late and it hit her hand, must've torn off a fake nail or something, she was half-crying, her boyfriend was all "baby? baby? you okay baby?" and I got dirty looks and the night ended early with the drunks thinking I have a bad temper...

    Time to find friends who do not consider your lap a piece of furniture.


      LOL!! good for you! yea i wouldve been offended. and put it right back on her lap or something and have spoken up about it.

      why are people so dumb?
      "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"


        Gotta speak up.
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          Reminds me a bit of a time when NL and I were out shopping. Of course, you must understand that NL is the love of my life and she and I will celebrate our 43 anniversary in a couple weeks.

          But, we were shopping and NL found a sweater, a jacket, I don't recall, something that she could just pull on and didn't need a dressing room. She put her handbag in my lap and said, "here, hold this." A woman who had been witnessing all of this from nearby, spoke up and said to NL, "does he have a choice." Because we are the couple we are/were/had been for so long, it hacked both of us off that someone would comment about our business.

          In you circumstance, it was definitely presumptuous of these people to use you as a table, if they didn't have a close enough relationship with you to know that it would be okay with you. How do you deal with this kind of behavior? Guess it all depends on the relationship you have with these people and the circumstances.

          All the best,


            I hope you do find better friends. Honestly, listening to your story I felt that hopelessness again. People will never see me past my chair. I don't know why it makes me so instantly different and why it's so bloody important to people. Their brains settle me into a category and it's not the same one all other people share. I am different to them and that's it. It will come out obviously sometimes and subtley other times but it'll always be there and I don't know why. I've given up mostly on it changing.

            Would I have been pissed? Yes. I also would have been heartbroken.


              Good for you! I frigging hate being treated like furniture, a coat rack, or the holder of my friends purses. You were completely justified in doing what you did, and as for the tears of the woman who missed, well boo hoo, poor baby. Maybe next time she will put her speaker on REAL furniture. I am so sorry for you though for being treated this way. Bastards......


                Monday quarterbacking but I would have turned it off. Come up with a snapping quote highlighting the women's assinine assumption you'd be fine holding it.
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                I shall not tolerate ignorance or hate speech on this site.


                  I would have got a convenient spasm. lol If I were in that situation at the onset I would have simply told the person I was going to be moving around and suggest they place it somewhere else. There are always inconsiderate or unthinking people around. If you politely set them straight, it's no big deal.
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