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Revised shitting myself in the drive in, now with more details!

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    Theres moments of life that just are crappy
    Last year @ my friends tiny house she cooked up something that didnt agree with my tummy Greasy greasy egg rolls thing's and We all were watching Avatar or some new movie like that on her huge Fancy Flat screen Tele and I almost didnt make it into her itsy bitsy Bathroom .

    Good thing I managed to hold my guts in I almost exploded
    It was Scary ... Very hard for me to roll around couches and roll for my life lmao


      Ice cream and pizza?! If I ate those two in the same week, I would have a story as well. I have not eaten sloppy joes in two years due to a bad and rather immediate experience in my kitchen while entertaining. Crazy lives we are living with this thing. Yeah, and now I must find something to get my mind off of all the different occasions when I shat meself, thanks for the memories man. ;]


        Mr. Coffee at Coachella and Burning Man? What a gold mine for stories! You have a real gift for written storytelling.


          Honestly our lives are much different than others which can feel negative if you compare your past to who you are now. But if you embrace who you are things get much better and you realize what a crazy ride you've embarked upon. Not saying life wasn't amazing before my injury but I'm really thankful to have met the amazing people along the way and esperienze the things I do. Never stop living!
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            Cory, so good to see you! And thank you for another great story. My personal favorite in the collection of "mr_coffee's fantastically funny fiascos" will always be the tale of why you should never use both Cialis and Caverject!
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