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hayfever seems to be coming back

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  • hayfever seems to be coming back

    Ok my doctor said my SCI should not have any affect on hayfever but after my injury it was gone. I suffered with it all my life and would get up in the morning and pop 50mm of benadryl to get through the day. l have been injured 20 years and for the last 3 years I have been dealing with hayfever again. Not on the same level as before but it seems to be making a comeback. Has anyone had anything like this happen to them?

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    When I was injured 29 years ago, I had a very persistent problem with psoriasis. During rehabilitation the condition healed without use of medication and it has not recurred. Anecdotal evidence yes, and difficult to say what was going on and why.

    Regarding your my area of the country the past several years have been really difficult for people with hayfever. I have had seasonal allergies most of my life, but NL has been rarely bothered. Last year, she had hayfever that sometimes kept her out of her beloved garden.

    All the best,


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      I've had allergies and hayfever most of my life, and I'd say it has'nt been as bad since sci. But, I don't go outside as much either, which I think is the reason for it. In warm weather I'm indoors with the ac running, and I just figured it was the reason the allergies did'nt seem as bad. I use to be the one doing all of the yard work, and I can't even clean house the same way, so I'm not the one cleaning up all the dust indoors either.

      That's not to say they still don't bother me, just not as much. I'd sure be happy to have a good allergy attack if I could just mow the lawn again, or work in the garden! lol


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        I had thought about things being worse pollen wise and maybe that being the reason, but three years in a row seems like a trend that maybe it was coming back. It is still not as bad as it was pre SCI but I really liked not having any problems I. That area. I am outside a lot so that has not been a factor in my opinion...


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          Hi, my hay fever also went away after sci. I took reactin for years. Anyway, I was in Ohio last summer and one day I had a sneeze, itchy eyes attack. I think it is the heat change over the years causing pollens and other stuff to rise more aggressively and attack.
          I hope your hay fever has not returned, it is terrible.