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    I"m still trying to figure out why Debbie had a lot of scars and yet what she focused on in our "dating' days was the scars on her right leg -which had been crushed when she was hit by a car. It was a few months from the time we met until I saw her leg and the way she talked about those scars I thought that I was going to see something straight out of Frankenstein. When I finally saw her leg I was like "yeah ... and?" Yes, she had scars. But I honestly didn't see the big deal and I thought she had beautiful legs - both of them.

    It took her awhile to believe me but she eventually did and even started wearing shorts. After that leg was amputated, I told her that her stump looked like a dolphin and we talked about having it tattooed to look even more like one. That never happened because of other problems that came up, but the point is that I wasn't sure how I would feel about her leg scars - or her amputation - and what I found is that they were just another part of the woman I loved.

    Yes, I know that sometimes I sound incredibly, horribly sappy, but that is the way it was. I loved the woman and though she lost two legs, had majorly more scars by the time she died than when I met her, gained a considerable amount of weight, and had other increasing physical issues over the time we were together, it didn't freaking matter. I loved her for who she was, I fell even more in love over the years, and that ended up also meaning that I thought she was more beautiful with every passing year than when we first met.

    Scars... they simply tell a story of part of your life, they dont' say a durn thing about who you are as a person.
    Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
    - Albert Einstein


      Every one of my scars has a story and a lesson. In early rehab I invited newbies to look at my pressure sore scars to make clear what they were supposed to be avoiding. They are part of me, just like the growing number of wrinkles on my face.
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        I love my scars. I am a warrior...