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    Word on the amazing helpfulness of my fellow human beings, the no waiting in line at Disneyland (which makes me a rather popular presence among my friends on such occasions), and the sudden possibility of wearing skirts and non-boring shoes.

    Also, I get a private bathroom at work, to which I alone currently have a key (yes, really). And I had a fellow scout leader admit the other day that he's jealous of me, because I got a group of 14 year olds to drag, pull, and eventually carry me through two kilometers of mud. He considered that a great team building exercise for them. I couldn't disagree.


      Originally posted by PhoenixFiresky View Post
      I know being on wheels can suck mightily, not to mention the other incidentals that come along with various injury levels and illnesses. But I thought it might be nice to create a list of positive aspects of being on wheels, etc. Not a serious one, because we'd all prefer to be AB - that goes without saying. Just a humorous one, that's silly, for fun.

      For example, I never have to worry about hitting my head on a chandelier.

      My legs don't get tired from standing.

      I don't have to stoop to look inside the fridge.

      My shoes won't wear out.

      Anyone else?
      I get great parking.

      I don't have to wait in line for the rides at amusement parks.

      I get first dibs on seats when I fly.

      I often get seated quickly at restaurants when there's a long wait.

      I don't ruin the bottoms of my pants when it's raining/snowing.

      When I was in university I got to register for classes first as part of my accommodations =)


        Originally posted by rdf View Post
        Had to Google lululemom - how do ya pronounce it?

        eta: found this on the Wikipedia site - I'm all for it!!

        pronounced Loo loo - lemon. Unless you are a Japanese


          I got blistery rash due to allergic reaction from poison ivy or poison oak on my legs twice since my injury - didn't feel any uncomfortable itchiness that goes with it at all!


            If your feet are all swollen up like mine are all of the time you get away with wearing soft comfy slippers and if anyone does say anything after you point out to them the fact that you can 't get anything else on your balloon feet they usually end up feeling/looking really stupid/mean for saying anything.

            This one may have already been listed, but you can't feel the catheter you use when you pee. I only had the experience of using a catheter once prior to SCI and it left a fiery burning sensation from the tip of my penis all the way down my urethra and into my bladder. It is so much better to not feel anything.

            We have CCC to come vent when we are upset about something, because from my experience the people here are among the most understanding nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of interacting with.

            I have a whole new wardrobe, because none of the pants I owned pre SCi will fit me anymore.

            I almost never get dirty anymore.

            I can take a nap anywhere I want to because I am always seated in comfortable chair.

            I can get falling down drunk but no one can tell since I'm already sitting down I never have to worry about falling down.

            I don't need to stand up when someone special enters the room, i.e. judge, Lady etc.

            I get a really good discount on public transportation, and can even get door to door shuttle service if I call the day before I need to go somewhere.


              We traveled a lot overseas "in the old days." We got to go through the line for pilots, etc. and avoided the long lines through customs. (Before 9-11, of course)

              We were allowed to sit on planes and buses when the other passengers had to disembark so got to see a lot of the "behind the scenes" activity.

              I, too, enjoy small children's innocence. One tiny little girl watched me, then leaned over and whispered to her mother. "Does she give rides?"


                It takes me so much less time to get ready to leave if i'm using the chair now. any walking and I have to put on all my joint braces. with the chair, I only have to worry about the upper body ones. Its a lot more comfy this way too!
                Board Member of Assistance Dog Advocacy Project working in Education. Feel free to ask me any service dog questions!

                I am not paralyzed. I have a genetic connective tissue disorder with neuro complications and a movement disorder.


                  Since my disability involves my arms, I am not able to cook, which is the thing that I miss the least.