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I ate a whole samich today

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    hope you get better soon jody, after that, we'll teach you how to spell sandwich ;>
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      Maybe it's allergies or something, I think that's whats been going on with me the past couple months, it's wierd never had this before.
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        Originally posted by lynnifer View Post
        I didn't know you had this either Jody - hope it gets better soon! My appetite returned yesterday from surgery more than two weeks ago ... though I wish it had stayed away for three months so I could lose some weight from sitting around and not working and just worrying!
        its too soon for your birtcontrol extra hormones to have left your system lynnifer, and it takes extra calories to heal after surgery too. it took about six weeks for my appetite to change from a grown up sized plate appetite to a six year olds size plate appetite. I am finding if I could eat a diet made for a diabetic I feel ok, you would still lose extra weight, but slower, which is more healthy.
        I like this website. on days I have a unhunger, I could not eat a plate of food that big, and it may be 3-4 days of reverse hunger befor I can start with a tiny meal and work up to it.


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          Originally posted by brucec View Post
          hope you get better soon jody, after that, we'll teach you how to spell sandwich ;>
          I was just being silly because Im so happy to feel hungry.


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            Glad you were able to eat Jody. I've been having trouble since June....when the leg problems started. Between water and fat, I've lost over thirty pounds. Believe me, I needed to lose it, but since that started, I keep losing all of my potassium and protein! I'm low on both, again, and back on the rx for potassium.

            The frst time it happened all I could manage to get down was some goodies from Keps and Ramen noodles! I'm not as nauseaed as much now, but I can't seem to eat much at one time either.

            I think my bowels are part of it too. I only go a couple of times a week, and when it's close to time....I have trouble eating.

            I have a good friend helping me to get protein drinks, and they helped the last time I was bad, I just can't afford to buy the supplements on my own all of the time. The way groceries cost anymore! It's unreal! Seems like I always get hungry for raw vegetables and fruits that we can't afford! Same way with good lean meat or fish....we happened to luck out last week and found fish on sale, but it still takes a big bite out of the grocery budget!

            I hope you can continue to find something to eat. Ramen noodles, or the cup of noodles, is about all I can manage when fighting the nausea. and I have to admit, I probably would'nt even try to eat those if it were'nt for shutting Jim up about me not eating. sometimes I feel a little better after eating.....and sometimes I don't. There are times it even makes me feel worse, I know I have to eat something, it was making me sick eating nothing.

            Since this started I don't even want some of the same foods I use to eat. Like Jim use to bring me a Snickers bar every week when he got groceries.....I have a drawer full of Snicker bars.....and a few other candy bars I have'nt touched. He's even tried tempting me with peanuts and nuts......I have about four cans hidden that he thinks I ate....and had to tell him I was tired of them so he would quit buying them!
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