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Lost my Baby Benjaminn

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    Originally posted by GL View Post
    Sounds silly but I am all in tears sorry but i'll be quiet ..youre all the best hug's
    thank you

    If it's silly then I have been in a horrible place for the past two weeks. I had to put my best friend down too. I couldn't watch her suffer and know she was in pain. They never know the love they give us.
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      I am sorry and still miss my two scottie's Murphy who sat on my bed and guarded me through 7 of my 9 spinal surgeries, and Mr. Laddie G. Mac Gregor who knew he was royalty.

      I now have 2 young scotties Callie and Murphy. I hope you find it in yourself to love another dog as much.



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      All the tears, all the pain, all the rage through the night (apolgies to the rewrite) RR

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        Oh, Judy, I'm so sorry to read this.


          after what they do for us there should be a heaven for animals



            So sorry Judy. They give us so much for so little in return.
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              So sorry Judy. My sincere condolences


                Very sorry to hear about your loss Judy my "pets" are like children to me always have been, 6-days before my accident i had to put my 15yr old dashound down due to cancer i probably waited to long but oh how i wish he was with me now he always had a way of cheering me up!! I have his ashes at least most of them i put some of them with my son since they were buddies...


                  Sorry to hear Judy


                    So sorry Judy, sounds like he was waiting to see you one last time before he died.
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                    T3 ASIA A 27 years post injury


                      Judy I just saw this...

                      Sorry to hear! What a blessed dog he was to have you to care for him!

                      Love and prayers and hugs...



                        Judy I can really understand what you are going through, I lost my dog a while back and it is really a very hard thing to go through, they become a part of you.

                        Heres a picture of my dog Sheena when I took her up to Vermont one year to see the folliage, she loved riding in my Cadillac on long trips and all my customers at my service stations loved her, sometimes they just popped in when filling up their cars to come in to say hi to Sheena and forget about saying hi to me

                        Stay tuff and hang in there, the pain will get less.
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                        respond to not only the
                        challenges you're dealt but
                        the challenges you seek...If
                        you have no goals, no
                        mountains to climb, your
                        soul dies".~Liz Fordred


                          Sorry for your loss, Judy. {BIG HUG} Mona


                            I'm so sorry for you. I've lost 3 of mine, so all I can say is I understand.
                            C4,5,6 incomplete with 100% full feeling


                              Sorry to hear of your loss. He was a handsome dog.

                              I lost two dogs, both to cancer, within a one-year period after having them for 13 years. I know how hard it can be. Take comfort knowing that you provided him a good life. The puppy in my avatar is our new dog, Bennie. Sometimes I call him Benjamin.


                                :-( I'm sorry too.