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    In the past, black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) is the big shopping day that kicks off the Christmas/Holiday shopping season...but this year many stores will open on Thursday night or early...very early Friday morning.

    Do you have black Thursday/Friday shopping plans...strategy!!!

    All the best,

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    This was a ritual thing when my daughter was little. Me and my mom would plot our way and spend the day together. But the kid is grown and I shop on the internet now LOL

    I have stood in line at 2AM for beanie babies too and other toys LOL

    You could not pay me to get out in that crowd.
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      I stay away from the malls entirely on Black Friday, and do nearly all of my Christmas shopping on-line now days. It is so much easier, and often you can get free shipping if you plan it right.

      I will be taking my mother to a movie (not at a mall) on Friday, and then do some chores around the house. Best part of Friday for me will be turkey, etc. leftovers!

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        I did this one year and it wasn't worth it because I didn't walk away with anything I wanted, everything was gone. I am going out on friday to meet a guy friend who's in town playing in a hockey tournament. We're meeting at the mall on the strip so I plan to do some shopping while I'm there. I pretty much have all my christmas shopping done already.
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          One word: ONLINE!

          I have already done a bunch of "black Friday" shopping already today, on "turkey Thursday". Most all stores and websites have the same, and sometimes even better deals online and earlier than Friday. Free shipping too!
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            last year on Thanksgiving night my sister,mom, niece and I had fun with some wine and ordering things on line. Herberger's had some good deals on stuff we need.
            This year they are doing it at my sister's since we have hub's family here.

            Our list is trimmed down quite a bit this year as we stopped drawing names with inlaws and will just buy for nieces and nephews on his side because they are younger and hub likes to pick out toys. Also trying to watch our pennies as less of them to go around this year with other things tha thave some up.
            My son bought a house so I think a gift card to home impovement store is good and my daughter likes to shop after Xmas sales at Kohls. I get her bf a gift card for Barnes and Noble.
            We get MIL a newspaper subcription from her home town and usually go in on something for my mom with my sisters.
            Gift cards are boring and might seem impersonal, but sure are practical in some cases.
            I will give the aides some cash in a Christmas card.
            Did anyone get any good online deals?
            I saw some good ones, just nothing that we needed.


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              I don't enjoy crowds and unless there's an Icon on sale for $2,000 off, I'm staying away from Black Friday :-)


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                I practiced avoidance....and was very good at it! I never was a Black Friday-er but certainly not with SCI. I'm tippy enough under the best of conditions. Instead, I held down the ranch while hubby was deer hunting, paid bills, did some online window shopping and played with the dog. Ahhhhhhhh.......


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                  hate shopping with herds of people, so I skip black friday, and avoid the mall unless it is a weekday and deserted.