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    Sneaking behind the "wheel"

    Originally posted by aliizsa View Post
    How many people are finding it easy to get back into driving?
    My wife has been doing all the driving since my injury and is struggling with the thought of me driving again so I crawled onto my riding mower which is totally hand controls while she was at work and "cruised" around the neighborhood it felt wonderful... yea not the smartest idea had i ran out of gas or?? but i had my cell phone.....


      Originally posted by bulletc5 View Post
      Does any one have a modified steering system? I cant get my arms to go all the way around for 1 revolution. Talked with one driving place and they said they would have to put like a saucer type steeering wheel in that sits flat plus an electronic type throttle and brake. Would like to hear from anybody that has something like this.
      I am a C4-5 quad and right arm amputee. I use the EMC J-Series joystick control for gas/brake and steering. Check with these guys to find a dealer in your area. Guaranty you can drive if you want.


        i never drove before my accident but i got my first car last year and learning to drive was a piece of cake! gl!
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