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Hospitalized for depression after SCI?

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  • Hospitalized for depression after SCI?

    Was anyone ever hospitalized for acute or severe depression after spinal cord injury!? My sister was hospitalized for acute major depression. She has been there for just over a week with no real improvement. She is obsessed with the pain and we are all at a loss for what to do!!

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    I'm sad she had to be hospitalized, is her injury recent?
    I'm at at a loss as what to say but believe me in time she will come to terms in acceptance.
    I think it would be best that she meets and corresponds with people in her similar condition for support i try very hard to do this.


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      I was.
      I got really suicidal with taking neurontin. I met my first good pain doc while being admitted for depression too, and I thought he would cut out my pain meds, but he doubled them and gave me something stronger. the psychiatrist in the hospital is the only doctor who accepted that the drugs I was on was causing the bad depression too, so choosing to be admitted to the psych floor was a good move on my part.

      after the accident, a divorce, and two house fires in four years, I elected to seek counseling for anxiety and depression, and it helped a lot. I was not forced to take medications ether. the hardest thing ever was choosing to switch to a different psychologist. seemed like something just was,nt right with her. I thought no one would listen, that I thought something was wrong, but again my feeling about her was valid.

      About her being obsessed with pain, ..........she may need to reevaluate her pain treatment, and may need to reevaluate some psychiatric drugs they have her on. Lyrica and neurontin caused very bad affects for me, and getting off of them was the start of mental recovery for me.

      I wish her good luck, and I hope she gets a doctor who will actually listen to her, and know what to do for her.

      dont forget your own depression. so often family who is not injured with sci, neglect themselves, But actually, they were injured with sci too.


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        peterf is exactly right .. if she can find some others in her predicament she wouldn't feel so alone.

        I'm sorry your sister is going through this.
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          Thank you for the replies. Her injury was four months ago (July 4th).

          She is on Lyrica (switched from Gabapentin a week ago), Cymbalta (just stared a week ago) and Baclofen. They also just added Ambien because she isn't sleeping (hasn't been for a while).

          We've been talking about having her see a pain management doc instead of her rehab doc (who is openly conservative with pain management).

          Going from Gabapentin to Lyrica, she says she is more "tingly" and her hands don't "work as well together." Then at times when I've been visiting, we do her PT and she seems like the pain isn't as bad?!!? I don't know.

          It was left up to her today if she was ready to go home or stay. She doesn't know what to do and we don't either. She says she is not suicidal anymore but should we believe her?!?!

          Thank you for the support!


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            mcs- I have been hospitalized for depression a few times. My longest stay was just over 6 weeks. I have been on many different antidepressants that work for awhile and then they stop working. I also suffer with extreme pain that is still not under control by any stretch of the imagination. I have been on Lyrica, Neurontin, and many different narcotics to try to help. None help very much, if at all. As far as if you should believe her telling you she isn't suicidal anymore.... all I can say is that I would tell people what I knew they wanted to hear.
            As to the issue of the pain doc vs the rehab doc..... I say have both!!! If you can find a good pain doc that is.
            I wish your family and your sister the best and hope that she can find some peace somewhere in her life to try to ease the burden of this injury and everything that comes with it.

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              Depression is so horrible
              After a trauma , SCI , Ailments , etc... It literally can push any person to their extreme limit's .
              I never have been hospitalized for it specifically but immediately after my accident and coming out of the coma , surgery I did feel down .
              I think in my case the whole new change lifestyle thing was a major shock but I bottle up easily so maybe I dealt with my depression differently .
              Also I remember that I had to somehow contact my college professors etc.... via aide because I had a trach and let them know I was seriously messed up. I temporarily dropped out for a few years to get my things together .

              I felt emotionally like crap but not suicidal , although I can see it perspectively how Depression , suicidal thoughts affect people . We all handle stress differently .


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                Obviously there are Dr's that prescribe general meds ( common ) to many of their patients without truthfully knowing the underlying truth that one shoe does not fit everyone theory .
                Certain medications dont work for everyone
                I feel that because We all are on some form of a muscle relaxant , pain reliever's or Antidepressant's this is so enormous , even bottled up like I do so this great post is a big book of trials and tribulations .
                Looking at the big picture there is so many variables ( Side Reactions )
                Where do we draw the line ?

                You all opened up my eyes and I learned alot about side reactions and such
                Thank you and I hope everyone is doing better ...
                Sincerely ;


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                  Want to improve my depression? Provide some real pain relief - that would be a big step in the right direction.

                  Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.