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Very strange dreams

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    Very strange dreams

    Poo dreams

    If it wasn't for the fact that there are probably lots and lots of people using this forum that are in exactly the same situation as me, I would definitely keep this to myself, however I'm sure it will give somebody a laugh.

    Basically, I was wondering how many people out there have "poo dreams" on the morning is that they are having bowel care. My bowel care is carried out early morning and I basically have someone come in at about seven o'clock to insert suppository's, then I go back to sleep again and hope everything is okay when my carer comes back in at about 9:30 AM. I don't know how long it's been going on for, I can't say I have kept a record, but it's definitely a few years now. I have the most weird dreams on these mornings, and it always involves me being somewhere, normally looking for a toilet. Strangely, I'm never in a wheelchair either. Occasionally I may find one, but in most cases I end up filling my trousers. This morning was probably one of the weirdest ones yet, without going into all the gory details, at one stage I ended up walking very slowly across the road doing an impression of the great escape, I'm sure you remember when they used to put mud in their pockets and it used to fall out the bottom of their trousers when they were outside, well in my case it wasn't mud, if you get my drift. Anyway, it's not something that worries me, I just wondered if anyone else experiences the same strange phenomenon.
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    No poo dreams here... least that I remember, but I do have strange ones. I am most always walking or limping, but I have a lot of dreams that take place in space. I've been on the moon, Mars and on other unknown planets. I am also able to control some dreams with via lucid dreaming. As for your poo, don't know what to say other than try and stay awake if they bother too much. I have my bowel program at night, but my dreams have more to deal with the things I watch on TV instead of my daily care. Maybe you could turn some low volume music on at seven see if it disrupts your REM cycle.


      Just guessing here.....but....since you are seeking a toilet but not finding one, then filling your pants, could you possibly subconsciously be fearing that your carer won't get to you in time? If it's a new carer you might have underlying trust issues. If the carer is not the root, then perhaps your bowel habits are changing, or something is changing and you feel unprepared.

      Just guessing here....I guess I hope they stop...or you find the cause

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        Hmmm let me see, how i can interpret this

        poo is your disability sign the cause of your worry and frustration
        looking for a toilet is your quest to over come it