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My RN Passed away

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  • My RN Passed away

    Hi I just got a phone call from some new nurse telling me she is replacing my dear RN Friend Carmen
    Carmen passed away over the weekend and I am proud to have been her friend and patient for many years .
    We just spoke 1 week ago .
    I am sort of choked up and not used to new nurses or people as I am one of those shy country people who stays to myself .

    This is very hard I dont know what to say as I am scared and just bummed out she was really a big help in my life yet so young and I am going to just stay to myself for a couple of day's and try to figure things out as now I feel like I will be starting all over .

    Carmen if you are watching over know that youre in my prayers and I thank you for being a great friend . I will miss you

    Sincerely ; GL Judy

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    Oh, I am so sorry! I know this transition will be hard to make in so many ways, and I wish you peace and comfort in your grief and a good relationship from the outset with your new nurse. What a tough blow.
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      I'm sorry to hear that GL. You will miss her.
      It seems to be a month of bad news so far.
      Dave's aide 3 days a week found out she has throat/neck (?) cancer and has to be at Mayo clinic tomorrow morning. She is only 26 with 2 small kids and another due in March.


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        Oh Judi, I am so sorry for your loss.


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            I'm sorry for your loss, Judi.


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              My condolences.


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                Carmen sounded like a very special nurse and friend. I'm really sad for you.


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                  Thank you all
                  She has been my nurse for many years , She was a great funny RN who actually would take extra time to help me .

                  I feel like garbage because yesterday I picked up my phone to call her up and I found out the battery was dead on my cell phone so I had to put the phone on charge .

                  Out of the blue this other New Nurse called me up just when I posted my topic here and tomorrow she is coming over to meet m and we will have to start from page 1 all over .

                  I am nervous because I never met this new nurse but I have a million questions and things , worries in my mind .

                  Thank you all
                  Sincerely ; Judy

                  I just felt comfortable with my friend Carmen ...


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                    Judy, so sorry for the loss of your nurse and friend. I am sure with your warm personality you will soon click with your new nurse and begin a new bond. I am sure there are many wonderful things you will always remember about your friend that will forever be in your memory bank.

                    Wishing you the best luck ahead.
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                      It seems like a good sign that the new nurse called and arranged to meet you so promptly - sure hope you like her. It's dispiriting to have to start from scratch with a new person, especially considering what a special bond you had with Carmen.

                      Linda, I hope Dave's aide with have a good result at Mayo - geez, what a thing to happen!
                      MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions


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                        i'm sorry to hear this


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                          Sorry to read Judy {{{hug}} ! Maybe the new nurse will exceed your expectations - let go and let god is what I say when I can't control a situation !

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                            sorry for your loss judy.


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                              Praying for you, Judy and for Carmen's family and friends...