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    We are the same problems. Anyway thanks to ekephart the explanation ..

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    Want to quit smoking

    Hi All, Sorry my English so bad .. Anyway I have a bad habit, the frequent smoking. It is affecting my health. Dangerous to my family and a waste of my money. What is the most effective way to stop? Thanks so much..


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      Originally posted by airart1 View Post
      yep, thats the hardest and the easiest at the same time, 3 days and all the nicotine is gone, but its the mental part you have to get by, decide your going to do it and just do............i thought i was gonna die, then realized that i lived 20 years before i started and didnt die, i had most of my friends that had quit and survived, so i could live without them too, even though i loved my smoke!
      Right. It is difficult ... Thank you and congratulations.


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        Originally posted by Donno View Post
        It is impossible to quit until you *truly* want to quit. If you sorta want to quit, you will find excuses to have "just one more" - a lot.
        Thank you very much. You speak the truth. I think "attitude of smoke" over "addiction" .


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          Hi Lorrie , Thanks so much... a very interesting idea for me .. I love this group. All members of the concerned..



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            Happy Birthday !! May god Bless u [IMG]/forum/ AcifOAAACDUlEQVRYhe2YO3LCQAyG/5IjpKVUqStQUuYKKXMEWkrKXIEjpKT1MdymzBGUAljWu3rBEA9 h8o8LW3i1+rTaBwYAABthPItE0q/22M+UiImEqdw7kOM7WT+dRHp6N8L3zWbYtia63Zca90QdcGnSt 7Ustb2xON56ZZkdR7svDnrSRjjJ7KP2FieS7VnCVO5t4rP33ih M36+0Ea5rW0lkNM6182Lvu65bqRaV+YRaxFRuY/LGnTDVl9eyw67Hxx9JlUcltIClUcVcyIPgj9oPvB9YmEZaAfK5 fMsD13H3MCqhihcuBKhLWlO2yAEMOzp2MOxoiREQwN71ohXbmo 1qUhw8f5y3muxxnga9xHgds6EMc35tD5kdheMsI62E6bravonZ gZmPuVm0wjUs3CrnUTifU16Eab04rBcHda96TKnzOWgjcrmK7e NlG59J/qhq4Ia8Z77iQPvIUplr8qa258TOV5n1WnPUAdDiqY+9Gmz11AX j7KEeOSw/4TGu7wjGZqEw+1cI7Pcd3ieDro3OyfTOzH1h96FkIracOHh+ci dU9jH+wmzBQytvq7D9NKtx+MyZDDYv+z4nzNZnJOvX5gNLntmf yY3F8ZapIO/RGmrYa5gTcaYCwwmpkuSLPMvcYCMqASu+ZDryj+p6kXFi1ZSCb VmA4J9jWLR+EElmv1XG4UTO/nQXBYn/1y/pB5a7k55UiR1fAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC[/IMG]