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In which: I melt down, douchebag lawyer quits

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    In which: I melt down, douchebag lawyer quits

    Woke up ready to take on the world. Called some gokart ppl, to see about selling gokart crap at next weekend's race in Hallett OK. Problem-I don't make it thru leaving the message when I'm hit in the gut w/ the grief, like it was new or something!

    WTF, gut?

    Bit bullet, called my douchebag lawyer expecting to be chewed out for having been sidelined or shell-shocked or whatevs I might call this past year. Turns out douchebag has been fired, presumably for dropping balls like probate cases. The reason I couldn't switch titles to my name is that damned lawyer never followed up. I had to go to the courthouse and do his job. (His partner was "on retreat".)

    Now I have the right papers, but never have found the title to Steve's motorcycle. Have to appear in front of a judge next week, to get lost title privileges or something.

    Again, WTF? They act like I'm trying to steal a dead man's motorcycle-a man I was married to for 25 yrs!

    This afternoon, if able. I'll go back to the most inaccessible tag agency in the world, and try to claim MY vehicles. I juggled the bills for yrs, worked my ass off too, paying for Steve's many many toys.

    Which I now need to dispose of.

    That lawyer will owe me $$. I'm writing a will. ppl, don't leave messes, your loved ones will resent you for it, and it only makes them hurt worse!

    I did get the house solely into my name, due to my fortunate habit of carrying death certs everywhere I go. Another lawyer FAIL.

    I have a friend I can call and cry, anyway. Can't ask for much more than that. And I parked on the wrong side of the courthouse, teeny side says "Accessible entry in rear." I hollered at 2 passing tweakers w/ terrible meth mouth, and they helped me out. So they got to feel good by doing a good deed.

    If I ever get a tattoo, it will say "Karma has come to collect."

    Not meaning to whine, truly. Sometimes I have to spill.
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    Spill away sweet Bethany. Your cup overfloweth with shit and needs to be spilled.


      Originally posted by LindaT View Post
      Spill away sweet Bethany. Your cup overfloweth with shit and needs to be spilled.
      x2 I can't put it any more eloquently than Linda.

      Have a hug....


        Originally posted by Timaru View Post
        x2 I can't put it any more eloquently than Linda.

        Have a hug....
        ... and another one from me ...

        Sorry for the lack of words ... I usually have loads of them, but in this instance, I don't seem to know what the right words are.


          As Saranoya says, I'm at a loss for words. I think you'll come out on top. As you said" Karma has come to collect". Trustfully, you are the grim Karma coming to collect from the slease lawyer.


            x a strenuous 4. I so hope the universe sees fit to give you the break you deserve. Or that you find your perfect Thelma moment.


              Vent away! What a time of it this has been! Seeing this is making me glad I never married if that's any consolation? lol Sorry it's been such a tough couple of years.

              Is there anything we can do to help?
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                Love and hugs!!!


                  Well, at least you are to be congratulated for getting out and reclaiming your life! I know that getting started is the hardest step...
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                    A big hug, Betheny. Tell me if I can do anything to help.
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                      speakin of shit, I hope that lawyer gets a invol worse than the spammer I just wished it on.
                      may his booty splode like mentos an soda.


                        Well nothing I can say....but I am day 2 of a meltdown myself.

                        May all things someday come together for the good of both of us!!!!! We are not bad people. I think the world just sucks. Thank God for Larry.
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                          And totally off-topic, if you go to the races in Hallett this weekend, my husband is racing. Formula Ford, blue/silver, #51. If you see him, say hi.

                          Big hugs.


                            Much deserved meltdown Betheny! Like the others said, glad you are moving forward even though none of it is with ease.

                            I love the way you write, thanks for that, you make me chuckle.