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    Originally posted by Unconstruct View Post
    To me I believe it has to be something about being loved and attention. I have to admit that the comfort and "special" attention I get sometimes is quite humbling, bu tat the same time, if I were "good" I wouldn't get half of it.
    I think some people are so desperate for that "special love" they will do anything to get it.

    This reminds me of one night at the store I saw this guy and this kid. The guy gets out of his truck and pulls a walker out the back and uses it. He looked to walk just fine to my shuffle to the door myself with a walker. I said "nice walker" and he laughed.
    I often wonder about that guy...He even opened the door just fine. However I try to live and let live and accept that some people need things like this to get that closure...

    Actually making themselves disabled is very out there... I feel sorry for anyone who feels the need to go that far for love...

    Now if they do it to get free parking....damn....I have a problem with that lol.
    I have seen TONS of people with those disability placards that do not look disabled one bit. One time, when my friend took me to the hospital to get my Botox injections in my bladder, a man had one of those placards in a van accessible parking spot. My friend confronted him, saying that we really need that spot to bring a lift down for me to get out of the van. He just looked at us, and said "I can park anywhere I damn well please. Besides, I get to my appointments faster this way.". I could not believe it!!! I fliped the guy off as my friend drove around, trying to find another spot to bring a wheelchair lift down on her van.


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      Some people crave attention

      Some people crave attention
      Others find the feelings of being incapacitated or disabled a sexual turn on

      There are some that abuse these place cards etc... but maybe they are possibly dropping off a handicappedd disabled person , spouse , friend !!!

      No joking is online fraternity groups where some Unique people use their Fake disability thing as a way of hooking up with others into that diapered crap mentality thing EEEEwwww
      I am not a judger
      It is unreal the extremes some ppl go through to get their Rocks off .

      This then is a Mental illness

      Kinda turns my stomach but on a diff site a dude loves blogging , talking about him crapping himself and how lazy he is not to make a change for better

      I dont care
      this is just human behavioral traits that manifest from many bizzare semi cults

      What is hard is I get frustrated having to assemble , undold and get in my wheelchair wayyyy out in the middle of a parking lot 1 mile away because some people abuse the parking laws and handicap spots the blue card frenzy like a pack of vultures because they are too lazy to know that some of us really needed that important pkng spot etc...

      It takes all types of crazies to engulf this beautiful world
      I gave up complaining
      Now I just do my thing and make a change
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        I think anyone who fakes a disability because they crave attention is more than a little bizzare. I guess I also resent it too, if for no other reason than most of my life was spent getting my employer's to see me as a person with certain skill sets first and as person with a disability second. The phrase "special attention" makes my skin crawl, because if it is special then by definition it is specifically based on disability, which often can be translated into a lesser status, or not having to conform to the rules of society because someone is disabled. If something thinks there is something liberating about that stance I offer that it is not that different that a form of slavery, which offered housing and work at the cost of being seen as a person of lesser status. "Special attention" is wanting to be thought of as one of "Jerry's kids" or some other contrived word that means both sad and outside the realm of normal human dynamics. No thanks. If this is what someone craves they have big problems emotionally, and would be better off seeking serious professional help than lusting over a wheelchair.