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How do quads and paras fare in Rochester NY from November to April?

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    How do quads and paras fare in Rochester NY from November to April?

    Can any quads or paras living in the Buffalo or Rochester areas speak to the winters there?

    More specifically, I'm interested in what it's like getting out and around (sidewalks and parking) in a wc when there's snow on the ground (snowpack) and/or right after big snows.

    I would be living there completely on my own and would be responsible for things like shoveling my car and driveway out, getting to work, grocery shopping, ...

    Avoid this region (or others like it) like the plaque (if you have a SCI) is an acceptable response to my question as well.

    Thanks in advance!
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    hi patton! i live in rochester and honestly winter can be tough, but doable. if u have a vehicle, get an automatic car starter. it's your friend in winter. also, most places shut down if the snow is bad and wegmans and other shopping centers keep their parking lots clear. the toughest time is those first few hours after snow waiting for the plows. also expect to stay indoors for long periods of time with the long snows when they come, so keep your freezer/pantry stocked.

    and get a freewheel.
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      Thanks for the replies so far.

      So it sounds like the snow seriously impacts one's ability to get around. So when you are getting around is it on a clean surface or an established snowpack? Are you in a manual chair that you are pushing yourself or are you aided by any motorized supplements?

      I'm just trying to differentiate between getting through 6 inches of fresh snow and/or getting around on a 6 inch snowpack.

      I'm envisioning snow roughly once a week that just adds to the seasonal snowpack. Obviously, the snowpack will possibly rise and fall over the season and possibly go away but I was just trying to get a sense for how stable it is. I can manage to get around on a well established (frozen) snowpack but not so much on a slushy and constantly changing one.

      I hope this is clear and thanks again.


        it all depends where you go. and who is shoveling. both are tough to get through but fresh snow just gets slippery. i'm getting the freewheel in hopes it'll help with getting through snow. i use a manual. snow affects the AB so you just learn when to go out and if the newspeople say heavy snow, you're prepared.
        "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"


          Thanks again cryptic and smash!

          I'm guessing that having remote access for work will be a necessity.