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    Great photo McDuff! Way to go!


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      55 - thanks, we camp a mile from our seats so this makes the trip whole lots easier for my wife. "Triple-towing" is legal in Tx, so we could hook the bbq up behind, but it better be way back if we are smoking along the way. Actually, the way these coolers are made, , you can make a train out of them.

      Obieone - thanks, and you'd be surprised, I've hauled some big ol' boys back there. And all the women want to trade places, we either get "that's cheating" or "that's so coooool" all the way in and back.

      Thanks Eileen, you posted while I was typing.
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        Originally posted by Obieone View Post
        If Bill and I attempted this we'd have to put heavy gauge tractor tires on that cooler !!
        I was thinking the same thing for us!


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          Originally posted by McDuff View Post
          We're a little ahead of the curve, been doing this at NASCAR races for years. If you plan out your mode of transportation, you don't even have to stop for drinks.

          Okay McDuff...where's you get that cooler? I need to order one!!!!

          I didn't read far enough...thanks for the link..

          I love this thread! SCI55...what you and your wife have is what everyone else wants. I can see yall at a rainbow gathering or any gathering rolling between groups of people laughing it up and living it matter where you are. I could even see yall at a party full of teenagers giving some age old advice and them even paying attention.
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            that is about the coolest picture ever.


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              Nice going McDuff! I like the idea of having your own beverages close at hand!


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                Originally posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
                I like it, McDuff. That cooler is a great idea. With the heat here in Carolina, we need to stay hydrated. Now where to put a bbq grill? lol
                We should assign Larry ("Wolfeman") the task of figuring out where to put the bbq grill.

                All the best,