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Why don't handicapped people have to feed the parking meters?

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    As far as I know, you have to pay for parking. But from time to time, I do see someone with a disabled parking permit that is not disabled. It's possible they might have someone disabled in their family but they're still using it wrongfully.
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      It makes me crazy when people mix up the issues of a) abuse of placards and b) "privileges" that having a placard entitles one to. In the case of "a", that's totally unrelated to the person's question and should be noted as such in the paper. In the case of "b" in this particular instance, I think that having free parking at meters is fair because in many times, one cannot park in a ramp because the vehicle doesnt fit (our van is 9' tall and very few parking ramps accommodate that height) and it is normally far cheaper to park in a ramp than to feed a meter. Meters are intended for short term parking - an hour or so. Which leads to the second point, returning back and forth to feed the meter IS a significant hardship for those who legitimately have a placard due to mobility issues (whatever those may be, ranging from being unable to walk long distances or using a wheelchair, or whatever). No, not all wheelchair users need extra time to return the feed a meter, but some if not most do, and as such the only reasonable thing to do is to allow meters to be free for the disabled.

      THe last reason is that it SUCKS to be disabled so its nice to for once catch a break!! Everything in life is more expensive if you are disabled. Its nice that meters are free. This argument will not fly with the AB crowd though, at least not the AB who wrote the letter. After all, I am AB.

      ETA: one last thought .... I always want to tell people like that to get back to me when THEY break their neck. Or when their wife/brother/friend does. Something tells me they'd be a bit less worried about how unfair it is that h/c people get free parking. Geesh.
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        The meters/ticket machines may not be quad, CP, etc. friendly.

        Should paras have to pay?

        Not if kerbing between me and ticket machine is over 50mm. I won't bust myself or my rims.

        You gan get a hardship exemption from the DDA, but that hardship must be proven. You can't just say it is required for safety or security.


          Wait, so the whole state of California I don't have to pay parking meters??? That's pretty awesome.

          Where I live I still have to pay parking meters, but if you mash the blue wheelchair symbol on the meter they will give you extra time (at time limited meters) for extra money of course, which seems a reasonable accommodation.

          I went to visit my parents and found out that the meters in the city they live were free all day long (even the time limited meters) for ppl with handicap placards.... Didn't find this out until after I had been putting money in meters for days and days because I didn't know some towns give different exceptions than others. Now I have to google on my phone for five or ten minutes whenever I'm in a new town to figure out whether or not I can park at the meter and whether or not I have to pay.


            we get 4 hours of free metered parking in virginia.



              Originally posted by funklab View Post
              Wait, so the whole state of California I don't have to pay parking meters??? That's pretty awesome.
              Not necessarily. Not all parking meters are equal. Those meters in privately owned and monitored lots don't allow free, unlimited parking. There is a privately own/operated lot in town that has two handicapped parking spaces, with no parking meters. If you park anywhere else in that lot at a meter, even though you display a handicapped placard, you will be ticketed. In public lots and on street parking, you can park at any meter, display the placard and park free for unlimited time. You have to read the signs posted in these lots. I was ticketed in the aforementioned lot and fought the ticket, but was told this was a one time courtesy.

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                gjnl is right. You have to check the signs. For a while in San Diego we had free handicapped parking even in the commercial lots (at least for ACE Parking, the largest company) as a result of a suit about their lack of accessible spaces. This lasted about 2 years, but now sadly is no longer in effect. Street metered parking though is free with a placard.

                The local PVA chapter has been active in hunting down and reporting people who abuse this to Parking Enforcement, and there have been some pretty big cases in the downtown area where people were fraudulently displaying placards for months and getting free parking. One that I am familiar with was successfully prosecuted and paid over $20,000 in fines plus calculated actual meter fees....

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                  In AU if quad can't use the machine, but were required to that would be illegal. Interestingly the private ones require payment, but have such crappy kerbing that even a para can't pay. I guess a lot of people want to drive in to those ticket machines.