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anyone live in Fort Lauderdale. I'm moving there

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    anyone live in Fort Lauderdale. I'm moving there

    I was wondering if anybody else here on "care cure" lives in Fort Lauderdale, Weston, or Sunrise Florida. I'm going to be moving to Sunrise Florida at the end of January. I was wondering if anybody else on this website lives there and if so, what are your thoughts on the weather there and how things are such as accessibility ? I'm going to be moving to Artesia the first week of January.
    I think I know how the weather is because I have been to Florida about 4-5 times. I've been to Orlando twice and Tampa twice. I went to Fort Lauderdale for vacation in February and that's when I bought my home down there. It's not finished being built, but it will be an October. The weather was beautiful in February. I was just wondering what are the super humid months? And after its super humid, when does the humidity start to succeed and it just becomes hot, not hot and uncomfortable. The heat doesn't really bother me because I'm a quadriplegic and am always cold.
    One of the other reasons why I was posting this was because if there are some of you that live around the area, I would like to get together that way I know a couple of people when I get down there. Right now I don't know anybody. My dad is going to come with me to help me get set up, but once he gets me set up I think he is going to look for a place down there as well. He seems to like Weston. I like where I am because the Sawgrass mill mall is right across the street, and I are also live across the street next to the Bank Atlantic Center. There's plenty of shops and I noticed that there are spinal cord resource groups that get together (I think it was every other week or once a month), but there is a hospital by my house, then there is one in Hollywood, and one in Miami. So that's three possible groups I could be going to.
    Well, if you live in the area could you please let me know a little bit about it before I get down there and maybe we could meet up once I get down there.

    Oh, does anyone down there know a good baclofen pump doctor for pain?

    I live about 40 miles north of Orlando, so not in the neighborhood, but I can answer some of your weather questions. Is it humid? Yes, always. The only time it kind of dries out is when a hurricane is coming. It sucks all the moisture to it. Otherwise 50/60% is low. Right now its 100 to 110%. HA. Winter here is usually the first couple weeks in January. But its the weather, who knows..


      I don't know if it's because you live in Orlando and are more inland, but when I was down there at the end of February it was beautiful, hot, not humid and was pretty breezy. More breezy at the hard rock because it was closer to the beach, but there was still a breeze out in Sunrise when I was looking there for my house.I did get injured when I was in Orlando on vacation, and I remember the first few days of the vacation. It was so freakin hot, but it wasn't unbearable. This was in September. It was definitely still pretty humid.
      Thanks for the reply


        I'M in west palm beach about an 45 min north. it's hot it's humid in the summer . especially inland no ocean breeze in the western communities. but with that said thats why there is ac. i love the access florida has offered as i was in upstate ny during the first 9 months of my injury and hated it , cold snow yuck ....this group is in the area your moving and is very active ... if i can help ya in any other way pm me or if you want pc me your number and i can chat with you about south fl ...



          I'm south east of where you are moving to... Around Hollywood..

          Hot-kill-meh months are mid May through end of September...

          Humidity? How can I put this hmmmm.. Put your head on top of a steaming pot and picture it at a max scale... If you are very picky with your hair, you will go nuts

          As for baclofen pump doc, I'm clueless in that dept, sorry.

          Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.. Or add in FB...

          Good luck and see you here soon!
          Thoughts become things, choose the good ones!


            I used to live in Davie. Right next door to Sunrise.


              Polett, thanks for the response. Well, if the extreme heat ends at the end of September and begins in May, that's not bad. I would rather it be extremely hot then go through another winter. I'm looking so forward to moving down there in January. I went to your information, but couldn't find your face book name. I wanted to add you as a friend.

              When I went down there in February (that's when I found the townhouse) me and my dad stayed at the hard rock, and we drove out to Hollywood. It was a cool little city... I liked it. There are so many great cities all nearby. Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm.

              I'm glad that I'm going to be living right next to the Bank Atlantic Center and close to the Sawgrass mill mall. There are so many shops and places to go around there. I really am looking forward to making this move even though I am going to part with my family. My dad is going to come down with me, but my mom, brothers, and sister, as well with my semi-close family in Pittsburgh, I will be saying bye-bye to.

              I'm trying to look at it this way... well, I can always send them a plane ticket if they want to come down, plus there are so many things to keep in touch with video chat and stuff like that.


                Originally posted by MeThatsAll View Post
                I used to live in Davie. Right next door to Sunrise.
                Did you like it there?