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I'm in a promo video on YouTube!

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  • I'm in a promo video on YouTube!

    I borrowed money from a foundation to modify my kitchen.
    They featured me in a promo video.

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    They did a good job of filming that. And you have a very nice cabin there. Of course, if it were all mine, I'd be flying around on my ATV doing donuts on your lawn, rather than the electric chair.......but I'm an idiot like that.

    [I hope those money sharks give you a break on your loan for doing that promo for them ]


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      Oh warning, and you'll be getting all the single divorecees calling you up after that little promo.....


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        Rich, great video! You should get a kickback from Quickie for that shot of your PC driving away from the camera
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          I want your kitchen.
          I'd love a kitchen sink that I could get under, instead of having to do the dishes sitting sideways on to it.

          Nice video, pararich.

          ETA: haha Donno, yes, Quickie got some advertising there!


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            You're a born T.V. presenter, edit that down use it as your promo. and send it to a few stations.

            You never know your luck!


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              Good presentation. Glad your house is now your home.
              BTW, I have the same sink in my bathroom. We had it set into a granite countertop with the front edge protruding in front of the counter. I works just great!!!

              All the best,


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                That was great. Very well done, Rich.


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                  Parts of what you talked about were so eerily the same as my husband's fall from a tree.
                  There was a safetly harness in his brother's garage he did not use. He did not fall as far as you when the branch broke, but landed on his head/neck C3.
                  He talks about laying there feeling he could not breathe like you did.


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                    You have a beautiful home! You are also very handsome. I like your eyes!
                    Originally posted by keps View Post
                    I'd love a kitchen sink that I could get under, instead of having to do the dishes sitting sideways on to it.
                    Keps, before my husband remodeled our kitchen, he cut the bottom out of the cupboard under the sink. He insulated the hot water line in case I happened to bump into it and I'd just opened the cupboard doors and pulled under the sink. You need to make sure there's enough room so you don't scrape on the bottom of the sink, or anything.

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                      Great video Rich!
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                        A really great job. You looked so comfortable throughout the whole video. You are a natural for a TV/film career.
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                          Congratulations Rich, great video.
                          Please donate a dollar a day at
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                            Super video Rich! Enjoyed it!


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                     are absolutely HOT. Sorry I am one of those singles (no divorcee)Mark is warning you about LOL

                              Perseverance and persistance towards dreams pays off....I hope you enjoy your cabin and living in the woods. I can't imagine anyone who deserves it more. You chose to stay and proved to yourself that you could "live your dream"

                              Your golden heart shines through in this video...we've all known all along it was there though ... We didn't need a video LOL
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