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Big decision! Advice! Go for the money/experience or stay with what makes me happy

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  • Big decision! Advice! Go for the money/experience or stay with what makes me happy

    Hello everyone!

    I'm at a cross road and I'm not sure which to pick! I'm currently working and making pretty good money with a pretty relaxed work environment. Meaning I can come home after work and not think about work until the next day which is a nice feeling.

    Although I have a connection with someone that can get me a job at a semi start up that is already valued at ~10billion so I don't see them going away anytime soon although the work load will be much much more but so is the pay and opportunity to make a lot of money. Not becoming a millionaire but definitely more money than I would need.

    I'm super happy currently and honestly couldn't ask for more but I almost feel like if I pass this up I may regret it later in life.

    The major conflicts I have are the following:
    the start up has some pros:
    a lot more money (they pay for all insurance (health/car/etc) free lunch/dinner as well.
    work with younger people
    work is literally 3 miles away from me

    intense work environment (quarterly reviews to make sure you are doing a ton of work) which is rewarded by quarterly bonuses or not rewarded by being fired)
    average work day ~12 hours
    may also have to work weekends sometimes
    chances of being fired if you don't perform high
    vacation is limited and if you take too much time off again, maybe fired
    Worried about my back (if I sit longer for 8 hours my back starts killing me and I can't focus or do anything productive unless I sleep)

    My current job:
    good money for a single male paralyzed person
    work is semi boring
    low stress low reward (you can work your ass off or you can work very little and still get rewarded the same)
    You can work for the company for the rest of your life (since its so big and no one gets fired unless you really suck)
    working with older people
    the regret of what if
    less money (although I don't care about money to make my happiness)

    The hardest thing is I'm HAPPY AS HELL right now. If I was unhappy I would totally try something else. My roommate just quit the company I'm working with to join this start up and now its putting even more pressure on me because I will directly see the benefits of working for the start up. Another thing that really scares me about the start up is if I can compete with able bodied young engineers who can pull all nighters with no issue.

    If I was normal I would totally not even think twice about this move and jump to the start up. But even at my current job I've started to notice my back starts really hurting and I'm already dealing with chronic pain on top of that. At my current job if my back starts hurting I can simply leave but at this start up its not like that. If they see I'm weak they will fire me right away and replace me with someone who can code longer. They don't really care about the person they just want code monkies where my company is more friendly to the employee.

    Just typing this makes me feel like I should stay with my company. When I think about why I'm such a happy person currently its because work doesn't interfere with my life. I can go to work, put in my 8 hours and go home and expect a paycheck every 2 weeks with no worries. If I want to take a vacation I can take it. If I don't feel good I can sleep in or take paid time off.

    Any advice?
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    Stay put Brother.


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      Hi Cody
      I remember being in a similar situation and I followed my gut instinct and stayed with my current company I was a Supervisor on salary ....
      A new company offered my Friend Wayne and me more $ and it sounded too good imop so I stayed put where I was while he left .

      He lost his bennies etc good perks thinking he was going to do super . Needless he jumped ships .

      I watched my friend jump ships to the new job and after a few months between 4-6 all things went crazy because they had not noticed a stipulation in the new hire policy which was termination if performance was not up to par .

      Wayne lost his job and when he contacted me for his old position it was already filled
      So I contacted Ben the Supervisor from the other shop wayne had to basically start out in a total different department different supervisor and etc .... really starting all over even though he was a previous employee ...

      Follow your gut instincts

      Good luck



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        I say stay with your existing job. start ups are effy.

        btw. off topic. I just read your threesome story WTF HAHAHAHA.

        dude, what position was he hitting that? you were just lying right next to them? aaaawwwwkwaaard.


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          It's so unusual to be super happy in work, and work not interfering with life - it sure sounds to me like the present job is a winner.
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            I truly think it's better to be content than chase after money, especially if there are no guarantees and you may get overwhelmed by it. Think of your health, too.

            However, living with what-ifs can be painful. Would you really be sad enough over this missed opportunity or are you content? If the latter, then just be.


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              Follow your bliss.


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                Originally posted by mr_coffee View Post
                ...a semi start up that is already valued at ~10billion
                If you don't mind sharing, what company? For a [semi-] startup, that's growth like Groupon experienced, and there's volatility that comes with that.

                They don't really care about the person they just want code monkies where my company is more friendly to the employee.
                This is the kicker for me. I'd stay put.

                It's not like you couldn't make a move later, right?


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                  i'd stay put especially if money isnt what is what u want. those kind of code monkey environments are terrible to work in and they dont seem like they'd be understanding of ur pain issues. ur company is a diamond in the rough stick with them (and u have NO trouble meeting ppl ur age mr crowd surfer lol)
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                    Originally posted by CapnGimp View Post
                    Stay put Brother.
                    x2. i chased money and worked like a maniac 12-14hr days for my first 10 yrs out of college, not worth it. tears your body down. be happy.
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                      +1, stick with the non-superman job