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Big decision! Advice! Go for the money/experience or stay with what makes me happy

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    Having balance in your life is very important. You can shift things out of balance for several years to explore and understand your limitations better. However, you don't always get to choose how that experiment ends. Sometimes you crash back to normalcy or worse.

    There's no doubt that money is important. Your time, health and peace of mind are far more important though.
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      Let your room mate be the canary in this decision. He will be able to tell you all of the pros and cons from an insider viewpoint. It will be very valuable to have that insight and you can always apply later if it works out for the room mate.

      Give it time and learn about it from your friend.
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        This start up company sounds like a turd destined to be flushed.


          Do they need any marketing majors?

          Tough choice, worst case scenario, they crash and then where you at.
          But change is always fun too...


            The information I would be looking for is how many people last more than a few years there ... hard to determine if it's a start up I guess ...

            For what it's worth, here's my experience. From school I got swept up in Bay Street recruitment (the Canadian Wall St.) even though that was no my original intent. I lasted about 3 years before I left. The money was good, but they pay good money for a reason - to suck the life out of you.

            I never finished before 8 or 9 pm and worked at least one day on the weekends, but usually both. It was extremely competitive and crazy to the point I was grateful to have 2 days off at Christmas.

            I don't know why, but it was also hard to leave. Money is addictive, and, for me at least, so is the need not to disappoint. However, leaving was the best thing I did. I love my job now. My worth is no longer determined by how many hours I bill. I work 9-5 with 5 weeks vacation (that my employer thinks is important to take to re-energize me). I have a non-work life. Admittedly, the money is not the same, but it's no contest in my book.

            I still wouldn't warn you against giving it a try if money is what your after, but I really think that is the only plus.


              Thanks for the advice everyone! For everyone who was wondering what the semi start up was its the company is Z Y N G A (they make farmville and all those other cheap looking games on facebook.) They have not IPO'ed yet. Its crazy how a company who only has ~1200 employees that make silly games equal up to $100 million a year in sales.

              Great advice though if I really see my roommate loving life and his life not getting ruined I may considerate it but currently I'm super happy and that is hard to find.

              Thanks again!
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                Only if you make a game to raise money for SCI. lol

                They fund a lot of relief efforts .. currently shooting for $2 mill for Japan.

                I don't know anything about your industry but Google has launched PeopleFinder which went live an hour after the Japan earthquake ... pretty awesome stuff!
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                  If there are 1200 employees, it sounds like it is beyond the point when startups are fun (to me).

                  On the other hand, I like startups. If they have a story you can believe in, and seem to have the right people in key positions, go for it. It is fun. You will be pushed in new directions, pick up new skills.

                  On the other hand, if they want to pay you well, but their story sucks, pass. Wait for another chance. It will come.


                    STAY where u are! How many people can say they are happy in their job and dont have to worry. U are a single man, no woman or children to take care of so u dont have to worry about the extra money. Is killing yourself over work really worth it?


                      are you familiar with the expression "expenses have a tendency to rise to the level of income"? It means that for most people, if you're not actively saving or investing a portion of your income, you're spending it.

                      Which raises the question why do you want more money? If you're not going to save it for the future, do you really want to trade your time and health for additional goods and services? There are a hell of a lot of people earning six figures without diddley in terms of wealth.


                        Yeah I'm not sure I'd call Zynga a startup at this point. They seem to keep growing, but unless the tide changes (entirely possible), I doubt they'll fall off the map anytime soon. They keep acquiring more, e.g., -- cool, but if they have greedy leadership that could care less about the people that work for them, regardless of money, then stick with what you're happy with.

                        I agree... let your roommate test the waters first.


                          Sound as if there's a LOT of "wealth" where you are now. Significant stuff.


                            Stay where you are. I worked those hours you'd be working with a SCI, and it's hell on your body, Cory. For years it tore me up, but I kept doing it, until finally I realized the damage wasn't worth it. It's hard to realize this if you have a strong work ethic, and I've always possessed that trait. It's a good trait to have when AB, maybe not always so good with a SCI.

                            I value health over wealth as someone with SCI. When I was AB, it was the opposite. Think about the future and the promise? of a cure - you want your body to be strong in case we hit the Lotto in that area. At least think about the future and living with a SCI'd body that you abused for a couple of decades. It ain't fun.
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                              I have heard zynga is a crappy place to work. You can work at a startup and have a good work/life balance, companies that don't you should stay away from most often they are poorly managed. My company is 22 people, 12 in engineering and rarely are people working on weekends and only occasionally are there really hectic weeks.


                                I have been there and take the peace of mind and stay put and be happy. You don't want a real competive environment when you can do just as well in your existing one. Patience grasshopper. Aren't you with Cisco ? You are working for one of the best in the business, there is a wealth of learning and future growth opportunity at your fingertips. That is what I told my daughter Meagan 24 a few months ago. Mke