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quad needing help... live poker tips or devices

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    quad needing help... live poker tips or devices

    I'm a C-5, C-6 quadriplegic and I play a lot of poker online, but there is a casino that opened up live poker rooms that is really close to me and I wanted to go play there, but the one thing I know I am going to have trouble with is lifting up my cards. So, I was wondering does anybody know of any small devices I could possibly put on the table to slide my cards up so I could look at them. I called the casino and asked them if the dealer can show me my cards, but they said that they can't do that as it is against PA laws for the dealers to touch the players cards (which I totally understand). He said I could bring someone with me and have that person show me my cards, but that wouldn't be as fun. It would really be great if I could come up with a small device I could put on the table to slide my cards up to get a look at them. I was thinking about going to Home Depot and asking them if they could cut a small piece of wood on an angle, that way I could slide my cards up it, but not sure if that would work.

    Does anybody have any ideas or use anything. I really like playing poker, but am very nervous to play live because I don't want to be the person at the table slowing the action.

    I play poker at home, and can lift the cards, I'm C5/6.

    you slide the cards towards you, and press down on the card's corner, thus lifting them slightly. Whilst they are lifted, slide them towards you onto the padded edge of the table.

    Then lift them up with your clenched thumb and forefinger.

    It can be done with practice, although if someone is behind you, they will see your cards because you can't hide them very well.

    Stacking the chips are the biggest pain, especially if you win a big stack!



      Hi nice to see there is other poker players here.I play live/home/online.At our poker rooms /casino spectators are not alowed to stand behind any player so you should be ok.Ask the dealer to slide your cards just over the first lib of the table.That way you should be able to manage.Depending on your hand movement.Me and my brother normaly go together playing at casinos and i must say players next to me have helped me stack my chips and give my cards if they are not properly placed not even asking ,they would most properbly ask if they can help in any case so just say yes.If you need fotos mail me


        cool fellow felters ive been playing online bout 3 years also c-5/6 yet evryones injury is different i have no prob grabbing things with the thumb forefinger perhaps ask about having a teno decis splint {unsure of spelling] this will allow 2 grab things as if u had a normal hand. as much as ive adapted 2 the limp hands i have now id offer u my teno splint arm but i do use it to write with plus it was custom fitted and made in rehab not sure why they didnt make u 1?
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          Where do you play,i mostly play pokerstars/fulltilt and Titan poker


            Originally posted by Riaan View Post
            Where do you play,i mostly play pokerstars/fulltilt and Titan poker
            I only play on Full Tilt. I don't like Pokerstars software. My sn is: Dann21388

            I usually play around 11pm-2am 3-4 tables 6max in .10/.25 nlhem .25/.50 nlhem and .50/1 plo rooms depending on how I'm running.

            I'm going to practice flipping the cards tomorrow on my pool table as it's the most realistic practice because of the felt.

            Let you know it goes...


              ok,one other tip is if you have a damp cloth with you just wipe your fingers over it before picking up cards or chips,i seem to have better grip that way