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How happy are you comparing to pre-SCI?

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    I can't compare it, everything is different from child to adult. But I am for sure more happy now when I am not walking from all the years I walked. Those 20 years with nevropain and overused nearly killed me, I am more than satisfied that I have got meds that is working and the pain from overuse is gone. That was my nightmare, I was staying in bed for nearly 20 years because of the pain.

    But I wish it was more to do here, I wish I had a job and all appartment buildings had lifts so I could live a normal life and visit people, especially now in the winter and in Christmastime.
    TH 12, 43 years post


      The degree of difficulty in life is much higher post SCI. We're carrying extra baggage and life is challenging enough without it. I don't get any satisfaction or happiness from my SCI. Although, I do sometimes appreciate having a different perspective on life. It's often good to have a different perspective.

      I would love to know what path I'd be on now if I hadn't been injured though.

      Also, post SCI there have been a few times where I feel like I have had to use every part of my being to make it through a tough/uncertain SCI situation. Whether that is a good thing or not, I don't know.
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        I did not know how good our simple life was before Dave's SCI.


          i have no comparison. i was almost 2yrs old when i was injured. but i definitely can say that now at 27 i am much happier than i was even 5 yrs ago. i'm not satisfied with myself and my life and i wonder if i have what it takes to improve myself to get that satisfaction but the alternative isnt acceptable. if happiness was easy to achieve, we wouldnt appreciate it when it comes
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            I try but it takes a lot more effort to make myself happy which is draining. I see pretty women with lovely legs and it reminds me how much I wish I never had my accident and I think how sexy I was and it's hard to feel like that now.


              hmmm uff tough question but happiness also lies in the eye of beholder....... i miss the sexinest and tallness and xxxness of my previous life but cant go back and cry abt it.. so i keep living like i would with some alternations......
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                Originally posted by Donno View Post
                I'm really happy with my life as it is, but there are so many things that I really enjoyed in my old life, that I can't possibly say that I am happier. Anyone who thinks that they are happier crippled either had a *really* crappy life, or is fooling themselves.


                  24 years post, and I've never been as happy as before my SCI. But we're here, we're alive, so we make the best of it, and smiles and honest laughter do still come visit, once in awhile. I doubt I'll ever be content again, but the older I get, the less I seem to care about the past, and don't even think about the future. Live life for the moment.

                  Hi OJ!!!! Love ya!
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                    Originally posted by orangejello View Post

                    I suspect if I was even slightly more independent, happiness would be easier to obtain. I am not one to give into self-pity but the fact I lack so much control of that aspect of my life very much eats into my emotional reserves available for inner happiness. Just getting through the day to day takes everything.

                    Exactly! I spend half my day with someone taking care of "me."
                    Morning & Night.

                    Plus I'm pretty much a control freak. So this stinks!

                    My life was awesome birth to 16 y/o. Then I met Don.
                    It's been problems one right after another before sci & after sci.
                    The happiness I had before was few & far between. My kids!

                    My happiness now is my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.
                    I know there's a time in the future when I will be with him in Heaven.
                    All this pain & suffering will be over.


                      Hi I havent recovered to my 100% potential then again I have been dealing with a serious Broken neck 2 times around so this isnt my first time in the rodeo . SCI wise .
                      I am somewhat happy with my life as it is but there is always room for more potential +

                      Happiness or Fullfilment are 2 words that carry a heavy burden on their backbone
                      it is only that my backbone is the one thats broken so I still got much more to experience and observe before I can totally say I am satisfied .
                      The ultimate satisfaction is so far knowing that I will not suffer no more someday and then I can Rejoice
                      That will be my calling card.
                      Sincerely ;


                        Life is good!


                        Life is good!

                        Six years ago tonight my mother died from breast cancer that metastasized to her brain. It was like her hard drive was wiped clean. The cancer cells and tumors ate away at her brain until all bodily functions stopped. To see cancer kill my mother makes a spinal cord injury nothing to complain about.

                        We still have a great leader in our community, Dr. Wise Young. Two posts come to mind.



                        The first post is a way to live life especially number four.

                        You all have life. Life to be lived. You all have the ability to exercise golden opportunities. You make life what it is. Don't be ungrateful for what you don't have but for what you do have. You only have one life to live. So live it! Your brain is the most powerful organ you have. Use all of its potential.

                        Life is good!
                        "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."


                          Hi Ti
                          you got that right !!!!
                          Life is good

                          Have a good day and thx for the smile
                          Sincerely ;


                            Originally posted by orangejello View Post
                            I think there is a difference between finding ways to have a semblance of joy and happiness in one's life and feeling true inner happiness.
                            this about sums it up.

                            "ιn ѕoмe wayѕ ι love everyтнιng. ιт’ѕ leѕѕ oғ a тнιng тнan 'lιĸe'…leѕѕ dιѕтιncт. leѕѕ…parтιcυlar. ι lιĸe тнιngѕ тнaт ι lιĸe вυт ι love everyтнιng. тнere’ѕ мore cнoιce ιn ‘lιĸe’. вecaυѕe even тнe worѕт тнιngѕ нave тнιngѕ тo love ιn тнeм. ι love тнιngѕ ѕo мυcн ι ғeel lιĸe ι coυld ғloaт away."


                              Paralyzed at 12 so can't compare.

                              I was relieved when Christopher Reeve said it gets worse the longer he's paralyzed ... it feels like I started out on top of the world and very slowly it started to degenerate. By age 32 I had reached my goals (and haven't found new ones) and now I'm 38.

                              There are things I would like to try ... but I don't know if it's apathy, the paralysis or my age ... but I don't have 1/8th the passion I used to for things.
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                                Originally posted by titanium4motion View Post

                                You all have life. Life to be lived. You all have the ability to exercise golden opportunities. You make life what it is. Don't be ungrateful for what you don't have but for what you do have. You only have one life to live. So live it! Your brain is the most powerful organ you have. Use all of its potential.

                                Life is good!
                                These are just tired cliches. No real honesty. If you were being interviewed for television I just know the reporter would call you 'inspirational'.

                                It's impossible not to miss what has been lost, no matter what.