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SCIs owe a lot to our veterans

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    Originally posted by wazabiker View Post
    As a Navy veteran I appreciate the thanks and I salute my sisters and brothers who have or are giving to this exceptional nation through military service. Each of you are commended.
    Ditto!! Wazabiker.


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      Back at you guys Dale and Waza. As the days wear on and the years take their toll, I realize that what we did, going into the service , seemed natural and something every American male was suppossed to do.
      Now a days I meet guys our age and so many avoided the draft, did the 2S thing or give some other lame excuse why they didn't serve; it makes me realize we are special, in a way. I kind of pity them knowing they don't get that good feeling of saying "Yes, I'm a vet".

      We didn't run, dodge or waiver, we served and did whatever was asked. Welcome home boys; it's great to be alive!


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        Always Remember

        With thanks,
        GJ and NL